Just another secret

Lexi' parents had died when she was 13. She own the house well her and her brother they didn't need to pay the rent because the house was theirs. She had a rich family. She got all the money clothes she wanted. But all she wanted was for the pain of her loss to go away, for her parents to come back. For the bully's to stop. She knows more about you than you know about your self. She has friends yes. But they not normal. Either is she. But what happens when she fall's in love with her bully. He see's her scar's. But will he see the story behide it? Just don't tell anyone it's just one of the many secrets she has to hide.


3. Faster than a bullet.

Lexi' POV

Me and Harry were in his car going to school. He slept over the whole weekend. He hasn't picked on me for two days! I was happy, untill I see his gang. I don't know why I feel like this around them. I could kill them without a second thought. "Lexi." Harry whispered. I looked at him. "Don't let them get to you. Hurt them if you have too." He smiled and got out of the car. I got out the car. His gang came over and stared at my arm. Then one of them hit me. I hit him then filped him over. Harry smiled. So did I. I started to walk off when the gang got here. Holding guns at the boys faces. "So Lexi these guys been annoying you?"

"Guys put the guns down!"

"No!" They all yelled back. I got out my gun. They put their guns away. I smiled as I got pulled into a bear hug from the gang. They all kissed my forehead. I was laughing. "I haven't seen you guys in forever!" They all nodded.

"So guys why did you hit Lexi?" They One Direction boys all went still. Apart from Harry. He was smiling. "Guys." I said to the gang. "This is Harry. He's a friend. One who we don't shoot."

"Who says we can't shoot him?" Dave asked.

"The boss man does." Justin came from behide me.


Justin' POV

I watched Lexi with a smile on my face. She is always so happy when she sees the boy. I watched Lexi stick up for Harry. Dave went all cocky saying "Who says we can't shoot him?" I steped forward.

"The boss man does." The boys gasped. I just asked them not to shoot someone.

"Is boss man going weak?" Dave asked.

"Nope. But Harry is Lexi's friend. We don't hurt friends."

"Yes 'boss man' we can shoot friends if we want."

"OK." I said. I got my gun, ponited it at Dave. "Bye-bye. Friend." I presseed the trigger. But Lexi had got in the way and ponited the gun in the sky.

"OK." Dave said. "We don't shoot friends. Or gang members." He whispered. They all walked off. Once they were gone I got up off the ground. "Trust you too be faster than a bullet." I told Lexi. Then I walked off next to the gang.


Lexi' POV

"Hey!" Zayn said when I tryed to walk away. "Do they listen to you because you sleep with them? Do you give them all blowjobs every night? You slut!" I turned around.

"They listen to me because before I came here I got put in jail for something I didn't do. I let them get away. I saved they life a hell of a lot! And if you're going to call anyone a slut around here it should be your fucking girlfriend!" I yellled. Zayn went pale when I said that. "Oh yeah Zayn." I whispered, I was standing a inch away from him. "I know." I walked of without looking back. It was just another secret that I knew.

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