Aleigha's dad is in the military and her mom dies when she was 7. she lives with her grandparents but her grandpa doesn't like her and hurts her. Aleigha and her best friend Skyla love playing music. When one direction hear them on youtube her life may change.
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8. We can do this<3


I woke up to the sound of Skyla laughing, I look over and find her watching a movie. Not wanting to bother her I decide to write my letter to my dad.


Dear dad,

          You have no idea how much I miss! A lot has happened lately and i can't wait to see you in person! my birthday was a couple days ago but It didn't matter because it doesn't feel the same without you here.

I stop writing for a second, tears streaming down my face. I can't cry right now though. I'm in public and I can't be weak.


( back to writing. )

I got a call the other day. you'd never guess who it was! well, it was Simon Cowell! Some one, I don't know who yet, told him about mine and Skyla's youtube channel with all of our covers! He says he wants to sign us! Crazy huh?! I'm on the plane to go right now! lets just cross our fingers and pray that everything will work out!

Grandma wasn't going to let me go. She said that she doesn't want me to cause it was moms dream, but of course that made me want it even more. She said mom was the best singer around! I wish someone could have recorded her singing. Anyways I hope you're safe! I love you more than anything! If they ever let you please call, i just need to hear your voice.  435-776-4881 *( not a real number ) I promise to make you proud!

                                   your love, Aleigha.


 I fold up the letter and put it in my bag. Soon a voice booms through out the plane. "Attention, attention the plane is about to land. I need everyone to please return to their seats and put on your seat belts. Thank you for flying with us,  hope to see you soon." announces someone, I'm guess it was the pilot.


I pull my seat belt on and nudge Skyla in the arm telling her to but her seat belt on to. Soon enough we're getting off the plane. I turn to Skyla giving her my best smile. I grab her hand squeezing it.. "We can do this" I whisper to her before we walk to find our driver.m 




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