Aleigha's dad is in the military and her mom dies when she was 7. she lives with her grandparents but her grandpa doesn't like her and hurts her. Aleigha and her best friend Skyla love playing music. When one direction hear them on youtube her life may change.
Please read! :)


5. I Said No!

I woke up to the loud sound of my phones alarm going off. I roll over shutting it off and pushing my arms up in the air to stretch them.  I pull together my stuff and stuff it into my bag, then check the time on my phone. I still have fifteen minutes till I have to leave so pull up Skyla's laptop and log onto out youtube account. As I wait for it to load I decide to wake Skyla.

Aleigha: Skylaaaaaa..... sklya! wake up!

She slowly sits up reviling her crazy and messy morning hair. Youtube is finally fully loaded so I go to check our last video. WOW. this has probably the most views ever! After checking checking youtube I log off and turn to Skyla.

Aleigha: morning sleepy head!

Skyla: morning... urm what time do you have to go?

Aleigha: In like 10 minutes.

Skyla: Oh well after you fell asleep last night you kept getting calls from 2 different un-known numbers so I finally answered and told them you were sleeping and they told me to tell you to call first thing in the morning.

I look at Skyla and grab my phone looking at the two numbers that had been calling last night.

the mysterious number answered and a voice came up. "Simon Cowell here. How many i help you?" My eyes widened and i almost fainted. Simon Cowell called me? No, he couldn't have. It was probably a mistake. "I'm sorry Mr. Cowell, I must of called the wrong number." "What's your name, miss?" "Aleigha." Simon laughed. "Oh Aleigha, you didn't call the wrong number. I was trying to reach you! One of my clients called me yesterday and showed me you're video singing with a friend of yours. You ladies have quite that talent the music business is looking for!" I froze in my position. I looked over at Skylar, and she was frozen, too."Wait, what?" Simon chuckled. "Yes, what's your friends name? It's Skyla, am I right?" I nodded. "Yeah."  "Well," Simon started, "I think the music business really needs a girl-duet group. I know this is really fast, but I think you young ladies can get big. How about i get you two over to L.A. and get you girls signed to Syco-Records?"  I felt as I was living a dream. "Signed? Syco-Records?" I stuttered. This was so not happening.  "Of course! Come on down to L.A., and we'll find you ladies a duet name! How does that sound?" I smiled big. "That would actually be wonderful, thank you so much Mr. Cowell!" "Call me Simon, okay?" "Thank you so much, Simon!" "My pleasure. I'll email you the details. See you ladies next week!" He hung up the phone and I stared at the phone in my hand. "Did that just happen?" I asked myself loudly.  "Yeah, did that?" Skylar couldn't believe it too. 

"SHIT! I need to get home!" I yell jumping and grabbing my things.


I run to my car and drive home as fast as I can, thinking about that call. I wonder who told him about me and Skyla? I guess I'll find out later. I pull into my drive way, luckily my grandpas car isn't there. I get out and run into the house. And sure enough I find my grandma in the Kitchen.

"Hi grandma." I say while grabbing an apple.

Hello, how was your night?" she whispers

"GREAT! guess what! okay so you know how me and Skyla post our videos on youtube?" I say trying not to sound to exited.

"yes?" She answers clearly confused.

" Well last night after I fell asleep my phone kept going off so Skyla answered it, and you'll never guess who it was! It was Simon Cowell!  He's Signing Skyla and I onto Syco Records! We're going next week!

There was quit along , kinda awkward, pause where I couldn't tell if she was happy for me or not. 

"No, your not going." she tells me harshly.

"yes I am! I'll be 18 by then and will be able to do what i want!' I say half screaming half talking.

"I SAID NO!" She yells.

I have never heard my grandma yell like that.  Soon I feel a pain on my side and turn to see my grandpa there swinging his arm p and hitting me as hard as he could. I fall to the ground in pain and soon everything went fuzzy.

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