Birthday Surprise (COMPLETED)

Laura and Harry have been friends for a really long time. But something happens that will turn their whole friendship around. Read more to find out.


7. You know.........

She was concentrated on doing my hair. Once she was done I put her down and we walked out her room, out the house, and into the park.

My pov: 

We were at the park when we found a quiet place under a tree. We lay out our blanket and started to eat.

Laura, there's only one strawberry left. Harry told me.

Ok, we'll share it. I said.

What do you mean share it.

I mean I bite one end and you the other. I said.

At the same time.

If you want I have no prob. I said. After that we both ate the strawberry I lay my head on his shoulder. I saw him looking at me. The sun was setting and he moved in closer. Finally we layed on the blanket and looked up at the sky. I put my head on his chest, I love doing that. And it seems that he loves putting his hands on my hips. At first it was kind of weird having a boy "touch" me but I kind of like it now. We both have a different friendship.

Harry. I say.

Yes beautiful. He replies. I love it when he calls me that.

You know you aren't like the other boys. I tell him.

What do you mean. He asks.

I mean you're sweet, you're gentle, you put your hands on my hips, but that's it and I love that about you.

At this point his hand was between my stomach and hip. And mine were on his chest. After I said that he looked down at his hand and giggled.

You know, you also like touching me. He laughed/said.

What do you mean. I asked.

I mean I know you love to put your hands on my chest and you love putting your head on my chest/shoulders.

Maybe. I say back.




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