Birthday Surprise (COMPLETED)

Laura and Harry have been friends for a really long time. But something happens that will turn their whole friendship around. Read more to find out.


4. Us

I didn't hesitate at all. I fell into his hug and we stayed like that for a while. 

Hey Harry I have something for you. I told him.

Really he said.

Yes look. I held out a pen with four colors in it. 

It's our favorite colors. I tell him. Pink, blue, green, and black. Plus whenever you push it down to write our voices come out. I push the pen down and started writing with it. Me singing titanium came out from the pen, him singing little things came out from the pen, and us talking and laughing came out from the pen.

Wow, it's amazing. He said. But why am I singing, where did you get that from.

Well, you never told me you sing this good or sing at all. But I got it from your phone. You really like filming yourself I told him. He laughed a bit.

Thanks, that's really nice of you.

Your welcome.

We stood there staring in the mirror. He was always taller than me and had muscles. He had a perfect face filled with love and happiness, but it also had determination and courage in it. On the other hand I was tall but not as tall as him. I was shy and looked like a small child next to him. But I didn't care I was just happy when I was with him. Then he broke the silence. Well, kind of. He picked me up into the air and held me bridal style.

Put me down, Harry I'm heavy. I screamed.

No and you are not heavy for the millionth time. He said.

He spinned me some more and we fell on the bed. I put my head on his chest. I could hear his heart beat. I loved that. Finally he asked me.






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