Birthday Surprise (COMPLETED)

Laura and Harry have been friends for a really long time. But something happens that will turn their whole friendship around. Read more to find out.


5. Laura?

Hey Laura.

Yes. I say.

What would you say if your friend liked you.

Well, I would say that I wouldn't be so sure. 

Why. He asks.

Well I had a bad experience in that area. I tell him. The guy just made things weird between us. I felt heart broken.

Oh. He says.

Even, I'm not pretty, or skinny, or funny. Why would a guy like me. I just cant imagine someone having butterflies in their stomach because I talked to them or I can't imagine someone thinking of me before they got to bed. I tell him.

Hey, don't ever say that, you are beautiful, not pretty. You're skinny not fat. And you're fun to be around. He said.


After that I fell asleep. Moments later I feel a warm hand brushing my hair and big warm lips against my forehead, my eyes flutter open.

Hey beautiful. Says Harry 

Hi, was I asleep long, I ask him.

No not really.


So where do you want to go. He asks me.

Hmm. How about the park. We can have a picnic there.

Sounds great. He says, oh and Laura are you still mad for not having a sweet 16. He says.

Not really, but you know that was always a girls dream, but it's ok.

Alright lets go down to the kitchen and get the picnic ready.

When we go there my parents were making breakfast.

Hi honey happy birthday. They say.


Um mom can we go to the park.Harry and I want to have a picnic there.

Sure honey, did you eat breakfast? 

Yes we did, thanks mom, see you later.

Ok, but shouldn't you change first, she asks.

Oh right ok. With that said we went up stairs to change. 




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