Birthday Surprise (COMPLETED)

Laura and Harry have been friends for a really long time. But something happens that will turn their whole friendship around. Read more to find out.


2. Happy B-day

Yes I told you he was staying over for a month since his mom is on a honeymoon with her new husband. I told her.

Oh ok now that makes sense. She replies

I roll my eyes at her.

So what are we doing on your awesome day. Asks Ryan tickling me.

Stop! I say laughing. Well I want to go the mall. I replie.

What time. They both ask.

How about right now?

Now we can't we have tons of stuff to do. They said 

Please. I say.

No sorry. They say.

Ok I'll just hang out with Harry then.

Ok, we are so sorry. They say.

It's ok.

But we will see you later.

Ok I say. Once they leave I go upstairs and try to wake Harry up, which was useless. I always have a hard time waking him up. My parents are still sleeping. So I go over to where Harry was sleeping and say,

Harry wake up.

No not yet. He says.

Fine then. I Lean over and kiss him on the forehead. I've done that before. Once I did that he opened his eyes so fast it was a miracle.

What was that? He asks me.

I had to wake you up some how. I say.

Oh ok. He turned bright red, after that.

Oh by the way, he said, happy b-day. 

Thanks. I say

Oh I have something for you. He says.

What? I say.

Yes, here. He gave me a small bag that had my favorite colors on it. Blue, pink, and green. I open the bag and find a small card that had a picture of us. It then said, there is no way I could make it without you, do it without you, be here without you! I Felt a tear fall down my cheek.









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