Birthday Surprise (COMPLETED)

Laura and Harry have been friends for a really long time. But something happens that will turn their whole friendship around. Read more to find out.


6. Dress up time

We went to my room and I picked out a simple white dress with silver colored flowers on it. Harry picked some silver colored shoes for me to wear. I went into my bathroom and changed. I put on the sweater that Harry gave me. Then I fixed my hair I let it go down and put a big white flower clip on it. I opened the bathroom door letting Luke know it was safe to come in.

You look stunning. he said

Thank you. I said

I twirled around and Harry took a picture me.

Look. He said. I looked at the photo. I did look good.

We walked down the kitchen and packed our picnic basket. Chocolate covered strawberries, two sandwiches, water, and chips. Then it was time for Harry to get ready, which wasn't so easy.

Harry's pov: Laura did look stunning as always. We went to her room to 'dress me up'. She picked out a blue t- shirt, some white jeans, and my black sneakers. With that I went inside the bathroom and changed. Then I opened the door to let her know it was ok to come in. She then came in and warped her arms around my stomach which was nice. I love to feel her small fragile hands on me. I then held her both hands and we looked into each others eyes. Her dark brown eyes drive me crazy. She's jut so perfect and beautiful. She then broke the silence by saying ...

You are not going out like that, let me fix your hair.

She got up on a stool to be able to reach my head. I put my hands on her hips so she wouldn't fall. I don't know why, but she doesn't mind me "touching" her.


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