Love Me , Love Me Not

*Previously known Hey Neighbor!*
Emily Heirin-The good girl, shy, a bookworm
One accident changes her life forever!
Her parents die in a car crash that leaves her with no memory. The only thing that she remembers is her name, her parents name, and... and letters?
She hates feeling pitied for, and all she gets now is pity. So when her boyfriend tell's her she agreed to be his wife, she goes over board.
She moves to a small town in London to get a new start.
What happens when One Direction are her new neighbors?

I am not British so I might not use or correctly use their slang words.
I am writing a story on so I might not update all the time.

Xx Em xX


1. When It Happens

2 Months Earlier:


"Em! Can you please come here?" My  mom called for me.

"Sure one sec." I screamed back.  "Okay, what did you need my highness?"  I asked while laughing.

"Nothing, I just wanted to talk." My mom said with a serious face.  Not a good sign.

"Umm... Okay then, what about?" I asked nervous.

"If... If anything happens to me or your dad or to both of us-" 

"What do you mean? Like, die.  Why would you say that? Its not like your spy's and someones after you." I said cutting off my mother.

"Let me just finish, I want you to know that I will always love.  I know your dad will always love you.  We will always support you in everything that you do.  And... And that we will be watching you from wherever we are." My mom said barley.

"Nothings going to happen mom, I promise." I said with a shaking voice as I rubbed my mom's back.

"But mom, we have to go to dad's show now." I said pulling my mom towards the door.

_________________________________________= P_____________________________________________________


"THAT WAS AWESOME, DAD!!!!!" I screamed as my family shuffled into our car.

"Please, honey, I'm glad you enjoyed the show. Please don't yell.  It hurts my old man ears." My dad said jokingly.

"But dad, old men can't hear well.  I NEED TO YELL!" I said/screamed back at him.

"GEORGE WATCH OUT!" My mom screamed at my dad.  We were both confused.

"You don't need to yell at me to-" His words were cut off my our car hitting another car.



I will always love you......

He will always love you.....

We will always support you.......

I woke up with a gasp!

"Mom! Dad!" I screamed. Ow! My head and stomach hurts.

"Hello? Anyone? I'm sorta hungry and confused." I yelled out to no one.  For the first time, I took in my surroundings   I was in a bed, that was not very comfy, bland walls, and a monitor with a tube attached to my arm.  

That's when I realized I was in a hospital and my parents were no where in sight.

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