Love Me , Love Me Not

*Previously known Hey Neighbor!*
Emily Heirin-The good girl, shy, a bookworm
One accident changes her life forever!
Her parents die in a car crash that leaves her with no memory. The only thing that she remembers is her name, her parents name, and... and letters?
She hates feeling pitied for, and all she gets now is pity. So when her boyfriend tell's her she agreed to be his wife, she goes over board.
She moves to a small town in London to get a new start.
What happens when One Direction are her new neighbors?

I am not British so I might not use or correctly use their slang words.
I am writing a story on so I might not update all the time.

Xx Em xX



I am so sorry guys! 

I didn't think anyone was really reading this one......

Well, I will try to update as soon as I can! I have a bunch of projects and homework to do!

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