Love Me , Love Me Not

*Previously known Hey Neighbor!*
Emily Heirin-The good girl, shy, a bookworm
One accident changes her life forever!
Her parents die in a car crash that leaves her with no memory. The only thing that she remembers is her name, her parents name, and... and letters?
She hates feeling pitied for, and all she gets now is pity. So when her boyfriend tell's her she agreed to be his wife, she goes over board.
She moves to a small town in London to get a new start.
What happens when One Direction are her new neighbors?

I am not British so I might not use or correctly use their slang words.
I am writing a story on so I might not update all the time.

Xx Em xX


4. Apology Accepted

Knock. Knock. Knock. I have a feeling of deja vu.

"Yes?" Louis answers. 

"Um... Is Harry here?"

"Yes.  Why do you need him?"

"I just wanted apology for yesterday."

"Come in.  He is in the toilet, but I'll let him know that your here."


There flat was just how I excepted it to be.  Messy.

Harry came out with shorts and a towel around his neck with water drops dripping down from his chest.  Since I was staring, I was excepting him to be smirking but he wasn't.

"What did you need?" He said harshly.

"I... Um...I just wanted to apology for yesterday.  I was rude and all you guys were trying to do was to get to know me.  I....I just have a short temper to match my short size." I said standing up.

"Its okay.  I forgive you." Okay, now he was smirking.  With that he ran over and knocked me down on the couch so he was almost on top me.  

"I think to make up our new found friendship we should have a movie night.  Just the two of us." He said trying to keep in his laugh cause of my reaction.  I was not planning on him on top of me.

"Harry, your getting me wet!" I screamed.  Well, he was dripping on me.

"Wow! I leave for two minutes Harry is already on top of you and your screaming his name!" Louis said walking into the door.

"Its not what it look and sounds like!!!" I said with huge eyes at the realization of my choice of words.

"Hey, um... Can you get him off of me?" I asked Louis.

"Nope! Sorry you have to deal with him. I'm going out to see El.  Oh, and I'm spending the night.  SO you two don't get to rough now."  It took me a minute to realize what he said.  And when my eyes widened about half an inch, Harry started to laugh so hard that he feel off of me and rolled on the floor.

"Haha... You...haha....know...he....was...haha... only kidding right, Em?" Harry said in between laughing.  "Unless, that is, you want to?" He said with a straight face.  My jaw dropped to the floor.  What kind of girl did he think I was?  Sleeping with strangers.

"Oh your face!! Em, you make me laugh! So back to the question, will you have a movie night with me?" He said.

"Well, what about the other guys? It would be rude to leave them out." I tried to rescue myself.  I wanted to hang out with Harry but not just us two.

"Their busy."

"How do you know? You didn't even ask them."

"Its Thursday." He simile said.

"Yes, and tomorrow is Friday. What does that have to do with anything?"

"Well, on Thursday's, Louis goes to El's place, Liam goes to Dani's, Zayn goes to Perry's then me and Niall go to a club.  Then on Friday all of us go to a different club.  The girls then spend the night here."

"Oh...Well... I guess we can have a movie night."

"YAAA!!!! Okay go get dress into your nightwear! I'll go get some scary movies and pillows!" Harry screamed while running around.

Well, this is going to be very interesting.

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