Between the Pages

In a magical world, Between the Pages, lives Sebastian and his twin Edmond. That is, until Edmond decides to work against the Queen and disappears to join the Queens brother, and setting a curse over the country. Concerned for his brother (and the world), Sebastian sets of to search after him. But he needs help.


24. ...

“Go, as in, go on our long awaited mission?”

Sebastian grinned. “Yup. Go, as in “let’s break some rules and put as much distance behind us as fast as possible”!”

Lina cracked a smile, shaking her head. “I…” she took the chords of rope and beamed at him. “I can’t wait!”

For every step they came closer, the easier did the whole thing seem. Lina took the lead and got down the road.

Her hand had let go of the rope, and were placed on Melinda’s back. The sun was looming somewhere in the distance, already making its slow way down.

They arrived back at the half roof. Sebastian was nowhere to be seen, but as Lina looked around, she noticed a small rectangular shape, probably a stable. Under the half room there was a little machine, reminding Lina off the bubble gum machines she had hold so dearly when she was younger. The only difference was that this machine wasn’t fabricated for the enjoyment of human children, but donkeys. Sugar cubes filled the container, and beside it was another one filled with something that looked like dry apple.

Lina threw her bag down from her shoulder and dug her hand deep down in the various clothing items, tracing her fingers along the side. Finally she found the minor compartment that was sewn into the bag. In it she had put a few small items she didn’t know where else to put –her star earrings she had been wearing, a hairpin and some loose coins. Alma had exchanged her Danish crones for the Eids.

Those she now used to purchase a handful of sugar cubes, mostly of sheer boredom. She turned to the donkey, trying to remember what she had learned from the one day the class had decided to go visiting a farm. There had been horses there, and horses and donkeys were basically the same, right?

She took half of the sugar cubes in one hand, so there was approximately the same quantity for both Belinda and Melinda.

She drew closer to Belinda and held out her left palm. The donkey looked at her and Lina hesitantly held her hand out closer to her snout. Finally Belinda recognized the movement from previous feeding sessions and grabbed the cubes. Lina had to make herself not back away, always having the constant fear that Belinda might decide to choose her hand as the next snack.

The donkey seemed to chew the cubes and huffed satisfied. She turned away from Lina as if indicating, that if Lina wanted attention again, she had better have some more sugar cubes.

Lina thereafter fed Melinda who seemed more enthusiastic about it than her partner did. She nipped at Lina’s clothing in search of more treats, and Lina took a surprised step back, holding up her hands with her palms showing.

“You alright?” Sebastian laughed when stepping in. “Is Melinda threatening you? Gosh, don’t you hate it when donkeys attack you for food?”

Lina lowered her arms and stuck her tongue out. Melinda continued sniffing her clothe. “Oh you’re just too funny.” She rolled her eyes.

Sebastian grinned and stepped further in. Behind him Dina and Claus were walking.

“I just had to pay and file some papers,” he explained.

They were basic, both had light grey fur and the one to the left had several darker patches. At first Lina thought it had been hit by the curse, but then realised that it would be illogical to let sick donkeys out for rent, and that it was probably just part of its fur colour.

Lina picked up her bag and placed it carefully on the back of the donkey. Sebastian took some rope and strapped it, and thereafter proceeded doing the same with the remaining bags and the other donkey.

“And who’s who?”

“The one with the dark patches is Nate and the other is Nelly.” He beamed. “Nate and Nellie, not as good as Melinda and Belinda of course!”

He got over to Belinda and stroked the spot between her ears. “And of course they can’t be as wonderfully amazing as these two lovelies,” he nodded towards Melinda.

Sebastian got up on Melinda and directed her a bit closer to Nate and Nellie, where he picked up their ropes.

Lina sat up on Belinda, still not feeling entirely comfortable with sitting on a living thing that had its own free will and could ride off any moment.

Sebastian gave a slight kick to Melinda and she started moving forward. As always, Belinda followed after without waiting for any signal of Lina’s.

“So we’re going now,” Lina said as conversationally as possible.

“Yup. I trust you are ready?”

“Yes…” She thought about home, but then quickly let it go and send it away. “Yes I am.”

“Will they notice we are gone?”

“Meh,” he shrugged. “Not right away. Patten will notice. My boss,” he explained.

“Besides, my mom might cover up for me, if he calls. As long as we leave no evidence at the gates, everything should be fine.”

Lina nodded and noticed how he seemed to avoid all the roads that led into the city. “Isn’t it going to take longer for us if we go along the city limits?”

“Maybe, not that much. I just don’t want any random guards who remember us from today to see us on our way out.”

Oh so now he decides to be careful.

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