Between the Pages

In a magical world, Between the Pages, lives Sebastian and his twin Edmond. That is, until Edmond decides to work against the Queen and disappears to join the Queens brother, and setting a curse over the country. Concerned for his brother (and the world), Sebastian sets of to search after him. But he needs help.


10. VII

“This is your room?” She didn’t know what she had been expecting, but this was definitely it. On a shelf above a bed books were lined, and a huge window displayed the garden that might have looked beautiful, had the grass been green and the flowers violet.

On the desk at the window a deck of cards lay, showing the Joker at top. Beside was a torn of page from a notebook and a book.

"Robin Hood?" Lina smiled. "That's a rather uncommon reading choice."

Sebastian remained silent, leaning against the doorframe, and Lina kept inspecting the room. She picked up the weathered copy of Robin Hood, inspecting the illustrated cover.

"You live with your mom in this house?"

"It's complicated."

Still with the back turned to him she lifted an eyebrow at his odd answer, but didn't nag.

The dresser looked worn out and was painted in a sickly green. In the midst of the room there hung a model of the solar system, the same solar system that was taught about in her school, happily spinning. On the windowsill there was a framed picture.

Sebastian cleared his throat and Lina turned to him again. He was still standing in the doorframe and his eyebrows drew worried lines across his face.

"How much did I tell you about my brother?"

“He may or may not be eh… helping the bad ones?”

Sebastian raised an eyebrow. “The bad ones?”

“I didn’t want to make it sound worse than it already is.”

He looked down and smiled. “Thanks.”

Lina took the framed picture from the windowsill, and inspected it closer. “So, that’s you?”

The picture displayed a happy little family of three. Alma had a smile upon her face and was having her arms around two boys. They were about 10, with bistre skin, tiny black curls and big round eyes.

“You didn’t mention he was your twin.”

“It’s not that relevant.”

Lina shrugged. “Whatever you say.” She put the picture back, and sat down on his bed. Sebastian kept leaning against the doorframe, until it seemed too silly and he sat down beside her.

“Are you waiting for an explanation?”

Lina blushed, not quite sure if she should intrude. He never really seemed to catch her eye, and she didn’t want to push his boundaries. But another part of her was curious.

“No-it’s not-I don’t…”

"It's OK.” He leaned back against the wall and stared at the closet. “It’s really not that interesting. He wanted to oppose the Queen, I didn’t. He ran away, I stayed. I would have stopped him, but I didn’t know he could do that. I didn’t think he would do that.”

“Do what exactly?”

Sebastians voice was hollow, as if he was already off chasing monsters in his mind. “My brother, Edmond, cast the curse.”

Involuntarily Lina swallowed a lump in her throat, the sound being way to loud in the silence between them.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about this earlier.”

“It’s ok.” She smiled dryly. “After all, it was my decision to run off with a stranger. And I don’t expect to know your entire family story, after having known you for a day.”

“Thanks” he said again, and cleared his throat. The room turned silent again. Lina sat up and took a deep breath.

“Any other hidden motives or family relations I should know of?"

Sebastian tilted his head. "Let me see... It's dangerous."

"Yes, I got that by the "get grey and crumble away" part." She rolled her eyes, and Sebastian was about to snap back, when Alma interrupted them.

They were on the way downstairs, when Sebastian stopped in front of the stairs.

“One of my friends is joining. Marie. Don’t worry, she’s lovely, you’ll see.”

He was talking fast, the sorrow from his face wiped away. Lina nodded, barely keeping up. “I’ll take your word for it.”

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