Assassin's Creed Ancient Ones

A rebirth of the Past from the Ashes of the Future.


19. Visions

As we walked I saw visions from the past. But they weren't Egyptians, they were Greeks, or something close to Greeks. They had modern type clothes, but ancient type weapons. "Desmond." I said. "What?" He asked. "I'm seeing things again." I said. I stepped behind Desmond as a group of the people ran by screaming. Suddenly a whole crowd of people ran through us. They were all screaming. They were running from something. Suddenly the ground underneath us started to crack and fall in. It was a vision though, not reality. I watched as the ground opened and flames shot up from the earth within. Suddenly flames flew in from down the corridor. I cowered behind Desmond until I realized that the flames were just a vision and couldn't harm me. "What is it?" Desmond asked. "Nothing, they're just visions." I said. "What do you see?" Desmond asked. "There's people, they're running away, the ground is cracking open and falling apart, there's flames coming after them." I said. Desmond wrapped his arms around me and pulled him into his body. It was comforting, but it wasn't enough to hide the visions of fear and despair. "Desmond, I'm scared." I said. He squeezed me into a en even harder embrace. "Don't worry, I'm right here, we're all here, visions can't hurt you, it's just the Bleeding Effect." Desmond said. "No, Desmond, it's not, these aren't people from Egypt, I think, I think they're from the first civilization." I said. Desmond's eyes widened and he stopped us. "The first civilization, are you sure?" He asked. I nodded. "Desmond, that means." Rebecca started. "I know, she's like me." Desmond said. "What do you mean, like you." I asked. "Desmond has the ability to see visions of the first civilization as well as the Greek gods." Shaun explained. Desmond sighed and nodded. "That's how I could talk to Juno and Minerva, Ezio, Aveline, and Connor could too, I guess the genes just passed down to me." Desmond said. "In light of all you've given up Desmond, I don't care." I said. Desmond looked up and smiled. Suddenly I had a massive migraine, the only comfort was from rubbing my temples. I looked up and saw Asgili simply walking in the crowd of panicking people. I held my hand out to him as he walked by, but he ignored me and just walked right through my outstretched arm. What was going on, I was seeing visions from my memories as well as visions from the first civilization. "Desmond, I'm seeing visions from my memories too." I said. "Your mind is getting too weak, you've spent to much time in the Animus." Desmond said. I shuddered at the pain of my migraine and then suddenly, it all just stopped. No more visions, no more pain, just nothingness.
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