Assassin's Creed Ancient Ones

A rebirth of the Past from the Ashes of the Future.


6. Spirits of The Past

"Hey." Rebecca said as I sat down in the Animus. "Hey." I repeated as I handed her the fast food. "How'd it go?" Rebecca asked. "Okay I guess." I said. "How was the movie?" Rebecca asked. I looked up in surprise. "How'd did you know about the movie?" I asked. "Abstergo implanted Desmond with a heart monitor when they recaptured him a few years ago, I figured out the frequency and I watch his heart rate when he goes out, then I check the position of it on the map, if it gets too high, Shaun and I head out to get him." Rebecca explained. "Recaptured?" I asked. "What, he didn't tell you?" Rebecca asked. I shook my head. "No, he tell me anything." I said. Rebecca shrugged. "Well, I wouldn't worry about it, ready to go back in?" Rebecca asked. I nodded and laid back. "By the way, you can leave the Animus when ever you want." Rebecca said as the Animus powered up. I nodded and passed into unconsciousness. My training had just started a few days ago, and already had I mastered several techniques of delivering death. Abaines had helped with some of my training, but not all of it. Currently, we were working on coming to other's aid when called. Abaines was out in the streets hunting, myself and several others were waiting for his call. "Amunet, how do you know Abaines?" One of the other female Assassins asked. "He has been one of my friends since childhood." I said. "He is very handsome isn't he?" The assassin said. I blushed and nodded. "Shut up!" Our leading assassin hissed. We both flinched and looked away. "By the way, my name is Tii." The female assassin whispered. "I am Amunet." I whispered back. Suddenly we heard an eagle call. "That is Abaines, girls go." Our leader said. We nodded and began running toward the source. Abaines was backed up against a wall by several guards. We snuck up and dropped onto the guards. I stabbed my dagger into the neck of one guard while stabbed another guard in the back. Abaines stabbed his twin daggers into the stomachs of the last two remaining guards. "Good work." Abaines said. We bowed and he set his hands on our shoulders. "You have passed the final test, you two are now worthy of the title of assassin." He said. We bowed again and followed him back to the palace. We walked past the guards and headed into the throne room. Abaines opened the door to the palace underground and we followed him into the main room. Inside we found our mentor and a strangely dressed man. The man had red tint to his skin and was shirtless, wearing only a loincloth. He had hands prints on his pectorals and strips of red and black paint on his cheeks, just below his eyes. He had feathers shoved into holes in his ears and a long braid coming from the bottom of a single stripe of hair on his head. "Who is that?" I asked Abaines. He glanced over his shoulder at me. "I do not know." He said. We walked over to the man and our mentor. "Mentor, they have passed their final test, they are ready." Abaines said. The mentor turned. "Ah, Abaines, this is Asgili, one of our brothers from a tribe across the ocean." The mentor said. Abaines bowed to Asgili. Asgili nodded and then said something in a strange a language. The mentor turned and said something back in the same language. "Asgili said that it is a pleasure to meet you." The mentor said to Abaines. Abaines bowed and the mentor waved Asgili away. "Now, what did you say?" The mentor asked. "Mentor, the girls are ready to become assassins." Abaines said. The mentor nodded. "We will have the ceremony tonight." He said. We bowed and left. I woke up back in the warehouse. "Sioula's back." Rebecca called. I stood and walked over to Shaun. "Hey Shaun, there was a Native American in the last memory, named Asgili, do you know anything about him?" I asked. Shaun looked up and furrowed his brow. "A Native American, in Ancient Egypt, huh, I guess I could take a look around, what was his name?" Shaun said. "Asgili." I said. Shaun nodded and started typing on his lap top. I turned and walked over to Desmond. "Hey, Rebecca said that Abstergo recaptured you a few years ago." Desmond looked up and sighed. "I'd rather not talk about it, okay?" He said. I nodded and kissed him. I pulled back and walked over to Shaun again. "Hey, I couldn't find any historical records, but I did find his name." Shaun said as I came up to him. "Asgili is actually Cherokee Indian for Ghost." Shaun said. I nodded. "Got it, thanks Shaun." I said. He nodded and I walked back over to the Animus. "Ready?" Rebecca asked. I nodded and passed into unconsciousness. I put on my ceremonial dress and top and suddenly there was a knock on my door. I looked up and quickly covered myself with a curtain as I saw Asgili. "What is it?" I asked in growing alarm. Asgili stood for a minute and suddenly began speaking in Egyptian. "Sorry if I frightened you." He said with a strange accent. "My name is Ghost, I hear that your name is Amunet, am I correct in this?" He asked. I nodded. "Yes." I said, stepping out from behind the curtain. "Why is your hair like that?" I asked. Asgili looked up at his hair and then back at me. "Why is my hair so long, or why is it in this fashion?" He asked. "Both I suppose." I said. "We are not allowed to cut our hair unless we are mourning the death of a loved one, it is in this style because it is a custom of my people." He explained. I nodded and he held his hand out. "Come, I am to escort you to the ceremony." He said. I nodded and took his hand. We walked down the hall to the ceremonial chamber. Abaines and the mentor stood at the end of a large red carpet. and another assassin came in from another hallway across from Asgili and myself. In the room were assassins on either side of the carpet. and I walked up to the mentor as Asgili and the other assassin stopped at the edge of the carpet. The mentor said something in a very strange language before turning to us. "The wisdom of our creed is revealed through these words, we work in the darkness to serve the light, we are assassins, nothing is true, everything is permitted." He said. We bowed and he set his hands on our shoulders. "Do you understand our tenets?" The mentor asked. We nodded and spoke in unison. "We will stay our blades from the flesh of the innocent, we will hide in plain sight, we will never compromise the brotherhood." We said. The mentor nodded and picked up a white hot blade. We held out our right ring fingers on a table before us. The mentor cut off Tii's finger first and then reheated the blade before turning to me. Abaines smiled at me as the mentor held the blade above my ring finger. I smiled and suddenly there was a quick shot of pain as the mentor cut off my ring finger. I jumped and bowed to the mentor, grabbing a hold of my cut digit and holding back tears. He bowed to and I before handing us shoulder pieces and dresses. "From this day until your demise, you are assassins." The mentor said. We bowed and walked back through the crowd of other assassins. They all bowed to us as we walked through them. Asgili came up to me and set his hand on my shoulder. "I welcome you sister." He said. I set my hand on his shoulder and nodded. "I am welcomed brother." I said. I burst awake back in the warehouse. "Time's up." Rebecca said. I nodded and stood. I looked on in horror as I saw Asgili standing in front of me. He smiled and bowed before disappearing, then I passed out.
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