Assassin's Creed Ancient Ones

A rebirth of the Past from the Ashes of the Future.


24. Retribution

We had entered the last corridor deep within the mountain. "Sioula, stay close." Desmond said, grabbing my hand. The end of the corridor had a bright bluish light coming through. We turned the corner and saw a woman, but she was dressed in clothes far out of date. "Juno, remember me!?" Desmond shouted. The woman turned with a look of surprise and horror on her face. "Desmond, no, this can not be, you are supposed to be dead, destroyed, this is not possible." She stammered. "You tried to kill me, but some things are harder to kill than others." Desmond said. He took off his fingered glove and pulled back his hoodie's sleeve, revealing his hidden blade and charred black skin. "You may not have killed me, but you did destroy me, you erased the genetic memories of Altaïr, Ezio, and Connor, now I can't use the Animus anymore, but I told you and I told Minerva, I would find a way to stop you and I will not rest until I do, now turn this off, or I will put you down." Desmond said, shooting his arm straight and ejecting his hidden blade. "I thought you were smarter than this Desmond, you cannot kill a goddess." Juno said. "You aren't a goddess, you're just a tyrant, you want to rule us and humans weren't meant to be ruled." Desmond said. "Everything is meant to be ruled." Juno said. "Not me." Desmond spat. "I thought you were a good man Desmond, but it seems that you are no better than the others, Altaïr, Ezio, and Connor didn't understand either, it seems failure runs in the family." Juno spat back. Desmond lunged forward, hidden blade aimed for Juno's heart. Juno swung her arm and a blade of bluish light shot out, cutting through Desmond. Desmond stopped in his tracks and lifted his arm up near his face. Suddenly his fingers blew away into dust, followed by his hand. Desmond grinned. "Altaïr, Connor, Ezio, I am coming my friends." Desmond said as his wrist blew away and his hidden blade fell to the ground. Desmond turned to look at me and smiled one last sweet smile and then the rest of him blew away into the wind. I stood in horror for a moment as I made sense of everything that had just happened. Then I realized. "Desmond!" I screamed. Shaun grabbed me by the arms and tugged me back. "Rebecca, get to the truck!" Shaun shouted. "You Bitch you killed our future, you killed my future!" I screamed. Juno just stood and smiled maliciously as Shaun dragged me back through the corridor, kicking and screaming. Shaun dragged me back through every room we had passed through and out to the truck and handed me up to Rebecca. I cried into Rebecca's shoulder as Shaun slammed the door behind us and ran back to the other side of the truck. Shaun tore open the door and jumped in. He shoved the keys into the ignition and started up the engine. We tore away from the mountain at breakneck speed. Tears began to drip down Rebecca's cheeks and fall into my hair. After a few minutes, tears began to stream down Shaun's cheeks as well. He took one hand off the steering wheel and grabbed Rebecca's. The ride home was long and hard as we mourned Desmond. My future, our friend, and our family. We pulled into the warehouse driveway and Shaun took the keys out of the ignition. He opened the door and climbed out. "Goddammit!" Shaun yelled, slamming his door shut. Through the glass we could hear Shaun still swearing. "Son of a Bitch!" He screamed. Shaun came over to our side of the truck and opened our door. I climbed out and Rebecca followed. "Put me back in." I said. "What?" Shaun asked. "Put me back in the Animus, I said, we need to find The Ankh." Shaun and Rebecca looked at each other and then at me. "We can use it to bring Desmond back." I said. They nodded and we unhooked the Animus from the back of the truck. We carried it inside and we wired it to the floor of the warehouse. Once re-wired, I sat down in the Animus and Rebecca started up the system. "Are you sure you want to do this?" Rebecca asked. "I'm sure." I said. Soon I passed into unconsciousness. It had been two days since Abaines had been mummified. I was sitting on my bed, thinking about his child that was slowly growing within my stomach. Suddenly a guard came into my room. "Miss Amunet, your presence has been requested by the queen, she asks that you bring your snake." The guard said. I nodded and opened Thoth's basket. He had grown far larger than many other snakes in his breed. He slithered up my arm and wrapped himself around my back and my other arm. "Come Thoth." I said as I left my room. We made our way down the corridor to the throne room of the palace. I found Cleopatra standing alone next to the throne. "My queen." I said with a slight bow. "Amunet, I have gotten terrible news, Mark has killed himself, I wish to join him, this is why I ask that I take your snake from you." She said. I nodded and pulled Thoth free of my body. He hissed as I lifted him toward Cleopatra's awaiting hands. "Shh, she will not harm you." I said. Cleopatra took Thoth and handed me something wrapped in cloth. "Here, take this and leave quickly, I do not want you blamed for my death, hide that where no one would think to look." Cleopatra said. I bowed and turned away. Then I headed down the corridor and turned the corner. I opened the cloth and looked on in amazement. It was The Ankh, the Piece of Eden we had been searching for. I quickly closed the cloth and wedged it in the folds of my dress, between the fabric and the skin of my hip. I knew where to hide this. I began running toward the mummification chambers. Once there I snuck over to Abaines' sarcophagus. I lifted the lid and looked on in sadness at Abaines' cloth wrapped body. I took The Ankh and hid it beneath his body. "Please hide this my love, until it must be found again." I said. I closed the lid and quickly left the room. As I got into the hallway, I heard guards yelling. "The queen, the queen is dead!" One of them shouted. I began running as I heard this. I needed to get to the roof. I ran toward the end of the corridor when suddenly, a guard came around the corner. "You, stop!" The guard said, drawing his sword. I drew my dagger and ran toward him. He swung down and I stepped to the side. I grabbed his wrists and slashed across his throat. He choked and I stabbed him in the stomach with my dagger. I pushed him back and ran past him. I ran upwards until I got to the roof. Once there I ran up to the edge and looked over towards the Nile. I took a breath and then made a Leap of Faith into the river. I hit the water hard and came back up for breath. I burst awake back in the warehouse. "I know where it is, I know where she hid The Ankh." I said. That new mummy the museum had gotten from Egypt, the sarcophagus that was marked with the name Abaines. My grandfather had hidden it for Amunet, he still had it. Until it needed to be found again. Well, it was time for it to be found again.
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