Assassin's Creed Ancient Ones

A rebirth of the Past from the Ashes of the Future.


12. Patience, Mercy, and Forgiveness

I woke the next morning and found Desmond laying next to me. I smiled and ran my hand through his hair. He snorted and burst awake. I laughed and kissed his cheek before rolling out of bed and walking back into the other room. "Morning." I said. "Morning love birds." Shaun said. I glanced over my shoulder to see Desmond scratching his head behind me. I hadn't even heard him get up. An assassin indeed. I blushed and walked over to the table with new food on it. I picked up a Sprite and a take out box of Chinese. I popped open the box and grabbed some chop sticks. "Does anyone know how to even use theses things?" I asked. Desmond chuckled and took hold of my hand. "Like this." He said as he picked up one of the chop sticks and put it in my hand. "Hold one stick like a pencil and put the other stick on top, then move the top one with your finger." He said. I tried to pick up a piece of chicken. After two failed attempts I dropped the chop sticks and grabbed a plastic fork. "I'll just stick to forks and knives." I said before putting the piece of chicken in my mouth. Desmond laughed in his corner while I chewed the chicken. "Amen to that sista." Rebecca called with a fake gangsta voice. I laughed and walked over to the Animus. "Ready?" I asked. "Are you?" Rebecca shot back. I smirked and sat down. I gave Rebecca a thumbs up and the Animus started to whir. Soon the room began to fade into black as I passed into unconsciousness again. Asgili had been dead for a month and I was forced to work for the woman who caused his death. Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt, Ha, more like the Whore of Greece. She apologized to me, day in and day out, for Asgili's death. It did not matter, he was dead and she was a fault for it. "Maiden, the queen requests your presence." A guard shouted into my chambers. I scowled and picked up Thoth out of his basket. He wrapped himself around my body. I walked down the corridor to the throne room. "My queen." I said, flinching at the anger in my soul as I said the words. Cleopatra turned to me and frowned at the sight of my Asp. "Amunet, I told you to stop bringing that beast in here when I call for you." She spat. I bowed and put Thoth down back in the corridor. "Return to your basket." I whispered. My Asp slithered away down the corridor, back toward my chambers. I turned back to Cleopatra. "Did you just let that monster loose in the halls of my palace!?" Cleopatra fumed. I smirked and bowed. "Thoth knows his place." I said. Unlike yourself. I wanted to say those words, but I bit my tongue to keep them within my lungs. Cleopatra huffed and sat in her throne. "My new husband, Mark Anthony, will be coming home soon, I request that you ask the mentor for Mark's protection." She said before chewing her finger nail. "We are not your body guards, we are Assassins, we work in the darkness to serve the light, be sure to learn the meaning to those words." I spat. Cleopatra glared at me and then sighed. Her features lightened. "I know of where this anger comes, I do not know what I may do to calm you, to have your forgiveness, I again ask for it." She said. I shook my head and turned away from her, hiding my welling tears. "I will ask for your request, but do not be angered with me if your wish is not granted." I said before walking over to the hidden passage. I pressed my hand into the symbol of our order, and watched as the wall opened. I stepped inside and walked through the corridor. "Mentor." I called as I caught sight of him. "What is it my sister?" He asked. "The queen has asked that we provide protection for her husband, the king, Mark Anthony." I said. "She will have no such thing." The mentor spat, crossing his arms across his body out of anger. "I told her this after she tried to have my forgiveness." I said. "Forgiveness?" The mentor asked. I nodded. "For the death of Asgili." I said. "You cannot hold his death on her conscience forever, it was not entirely her doing, sometimes forgiveness is best, as is mercy on the souls of the wicked." The mentor said. "But, mentor." I began. He shook his head. "Enough, be still sister, I will make a deal with you, if you forgive her, I will make an effort, mind you a small one, but an effort to protect Mark Anthony, however, we can protect him from everything but himself." I nodded and bowed. As I began to turn away, the mentor caught my arm. "Yes, mentor?" I asked. "Assassins can fight everything, kill anything, but we can not protect someone from themselves, remember this." I bowed and turned away. I walked back up into the throne room. Cleopatra stood as she saw me emerge from the passage. "Well?" She said. I looked up. "The mentor has agreed to protect Mark." I said. Cleopatra smiled and nodded. "Cleopatra, I forgive you." I said. Cleopatra's mouth dropped open and her eyes widened in surprise. "I understand it was not your intention to kill my family, but, I do also understand you killed Asgili and for that I will never forgive you, not in entirety." I said. Cleopatra nodded and sat down in her throne once again. "We all have grudges against one another, some are never resolved, but I hope that one day, we will resolve this one." She said with a sad smile. I nodded and turned away. "So do I." I said before rushing back down the corridor to my chambers. I ran in and sat down on my bed, I stared at the floor for a moment before bursting into tears. I felt so helpless, pathetic. I was an assassin and I was weeping. I heard a small hissing and I slid my arm into Thoth's basket. He slithered up and wrapped himself around my arm. I pulled my arm back and smiled as he flicked his tongue out at me. I laughed and did it back. I ran my fingers down his smooth scales. "You truly are a beautiful snake, Thoth." I said before kissing the top of his nose. He flicked his tongue out and lightly touched the skin of my chin. I smiled and laid back on my bed, holding my arms above me. "You are a very good snake." I said. Thoth hissed and I smiled. "Yes you are." I said, nodding. "Oh, I am going to miss you so when I pass on into the underworld, if only I had a long life like a serpent." I said. I stroked Thoth's scales and slowly fell asleep. I woke up back in the warehouse. "Welcome back." Rebecca said. I stood and walked over to Shaun. "Hey Shaun, how old was Amunet when she died?" I asked. Shaun furrowed his brow. "Late sixties early seventies I think, why?" Shaun said. "She was talking to her snake in my latest memory, she said she wished she had a long life like a snake, that's all." I said. Shaun nodded and then I turned, expecting to find Desmond. "Hey, where's Desmond?" I asked in growing alarm. "He went out for some supplies, he should be back soon." Rebecca said. I nodded and turned to her. "Don't worry, I got his heart monitor on the map, he's turning onto the road to the warehouse as we speak." Rebecca said. Suddenly we heard a door slam and Desmond walked in carrying a few bags and a large box. "Hey Sioula, I was hoping to get back before you woke up, I didn't want to scare you." He said. "Well, mission not accomplished." I spat playfully. He smiled and sat back down at his computer.
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