Assassin's Creed Ancient Ones

A rebirth of the Past from the Ashes of the Future.


10. Old Scars

I climbed back in the Animus and gave Rebecca a thumbs up for her to start it up. The Animus began to whir and I passed back into unconsciousness. It had been several days, almost a week, since Asgili had made love to me. I missed him so. But he was on a contract and it wasn't the first time he had left on a contract, but it was the first time I worried for his safety. Finally we heard the good news that he was returning. I hugged Abaines out of shear joy. He smiled and we headed off towards the city and that was when we saw the flames arising from the houses of the small metropolis. Asgili was somewhere inside, but worse than that, my family was in the city as well. "Abaines!?" I shouted. He nodded and we tore off out of the palace and toward the city. We choked on the smoke rising from the buildings as we got to the main street. "Amunet, you go for your family, I will find Asgili." Abaines shouted. I nodded and ran for my house. As I got to the front door, I was hit with a wall of black smoke. "Mother, Uncle!" I yelled inside. There was no answer, so I covered my nose and mouth and pushed through the smoke into the house. There I saw my mother trapped beneath a burning pillar of wood. "Mother, do not worry, I will get you free." I said before trying to lift the pillar. I grunted and strained my muscles as I tried to move the massive pillar. "Amunet, leave me, save yourself." My mother said. I looked up in shock and shook my head. "No, I will not leave you mother." I said. "You must." My mother argued. Suddenly a pair of hands grabbed my shoulders and dragged me back through the smoke. It was my uncle. "Are you mad, are you trying to kill yourself!?" He shouted. "But it is my mother!" I yelled back at him. "And it is my sister!" He yelled back. Suddenly his body tensed and he fell to his knees. A pair of Egyptian arrows protruded from his back. My uncle groaned and fell forward onto the ground. Behind him, about five feet away, stood an Egyptian archer. The archer looked at me and then glanced over his shoulder to grab another arrow. In the split second it took for the archer to look away, a pair of hands clasped around my mouth and dragged me around the corner of the house. It was Asgili. He put one finger to his lips before pulling his hand away from my mouth. He had new paint on his face. One side of his face was a complete wall of red, the other had two black lines leading down from his eye to his jaw. Between the two black lines was one red line and around his eye was complete black. He led me around the corner of the house to the back. He snuck up to the corner and peeked around at the archer checking my uncle's corpse. Asgili drew his dual daggers and took several deep breaths. Suddenly Asgili turned the corner, howling and whooping as he charged the archer. The archer looked up in surprise before Asgili slashed the archer's throat and stabbed both his daggers into the archer's chest and stomach. The archer fell back and Asgili sheathed his blades. "Come." He said. "But, my mother." I started. "There's no time." Asgili said before picking me and throwing me over his shoulder. He started running back through the city when we caught sight of Abaines. "Abaines, take her!" Asgili shouted before throwing me all the way across the street into Abaines arms. Abaines almost fell over from the force I landed into him. "Come on, we have to get back to the palace." He said before grabbing my hand and starting to drag me away. "But what about Asgili?" I asked. "He can take care of himself." Abaines said. Suddenly a massive sword flew down between us. We jumped back as an Egyptian soldier lifted the sword back up from the ground. He lifted his sword and began to swing at Abaines when Asgili appeared from the smoke across the street, howling and whooping. The soldier turned and Asgili threw his small axe as hard as he could. The axe flew across the street and planted itself into the soldiers face. Blood sprayed on my skin and clothes as the soldier fell back on the ground. "I told you to leave." Asgili shouted as he grabbed our hands and dragged us into the alley. "Quickly, to the roof tops." He said before climbing up the side of a house. He got to the roof and help Abaines up next to him. "Come on." Asgili said, holding his hand out for me. I put my foot on the wall of the house and pushed myself up. I grabbed at his hand, but came up short and fell back to the street. Asgili got to his knees and held his hand out again. "Come on, almost there." He said. I jumped again, but missed his hand. "I can't reach." I said. Asgili grabbed my hand and pulled up. He groaned as he lifted me straight off the ground. I watched in amazement at his arms muscles strain as he lifted me. I finally got a foot on the roof and climbed over. Asgili stood up and suddenly was jerked back as an arrow planted itself into his right pectoral, right through the palm of the paint hand print. Asgili grabbed the arrow and snapped off the shaft. Then he took his bow off his back and drew an arrow before whooping and shooting the arrow into the head of the Egyptian archer on the rooftops across the street. Asgili put his bow back over his shoulder and we ran toward the next alleyway before dropping back into the street. "You two need to leave, the soldiers are after me." Asgili said. "What?" I asked. "I angered the wrong people when I went to save that girl in Istanbul, one of the slave traders was the son of an Egyptian guard, they set the city ablaze to smoke me out of hiding, it is the same tactic my people use, when an enemy is hiding in the long grass of the plains and we can't find them, we light the grass on fire in hopes to smoke them out." Asgili explained. Asgili stopped and took two deep breaths before digging his fingers into his chest wound and pulling the arrow head free if his flesh. "Barbed arrowheads, meant to maim, not kill." He said before throwing the arrow head to the ground. We stepped around the arrowhead and began walking toward the street. A group of fear crazed citizens ran past and Asgili stopped us. Then he drew his daggers and howled before running toward an Egyptian soldier and slashing open the soldier's throat, spinning, and planting his daggers into the soldier's stomach. We watched as Asgili lifted the soldier off the ground by the daggers and threw him to the ground. Asgili let go of his daggers, leaving them in the soldier's stomach, and drawing his Machete. A soldier swung his sword and Asgili ducked before spinning and planting his Machete into the soldier's head. Asgili let go of the Machete and kicked the soldier to the ground. "Go, get out of the city." Asgili shouted to us. Abaines picked me up and carried me out of the alley. I watched as Asgili drew his bow and shot an arrow into a soldier's stomach. Another soldier came toward him and he hit the soldier in the face with his bow before spinning and shooting an arrow in the soldier's head. Asgili looked back at me and smiled before howling as the smoke of a burning building hid him from my sight.
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