Assassin's Creed Ancient Ones

A rebirth of the Past from the Ashes of the Future.


16. No More Secrets

I pulled the blankets off and climbed out of bed. "Hey guys." I said as I walked into the Animus room. "Hey, Sioula." They all said in unison. I walked over and pulled my Python out of his box. He wrapped himself around my arm and I grabbed some of the Thai food that Shaun and Rebecca had brought. I walked over and sat in Desmond's lap. He wrapped his arms around my sides and tried to type. "Hey, I'm trying to work here." He said playfully. "Aw, come on Desmond, you never pay any attention to us anymore, I might have to find someone else." I said as I leaned back into his chest. He laughed and hugged me, then he wrapped his arms around my hips and pulled me back, putting my butt right over his abdomen. "Oh for the love of god, if Desmond's going to get a lap dance, at least wait until the girl's done eating." Shaun shot at us. "Don't worry Shaun, I can multitask." I said with a sensual smile. Shaun rolled his eyes and turned back to his computer. I looked over my shoulder and kissed Desmond quickly on the lips. Then I stood and put my Python back in his box. I opened up the box with mice in it and grabbed one of the pitiful creatures. "Oh, you're so cute, but you're so food." I said as I looked at the mouse I had grabbed. I closed the mouse box and opened the Python's. Then I dropped the mouse in and watched as the Python slithered up behind it and struck. Nature's Assassin. He could hide in plain sight and strike without notice. I watched the Python swallow down the mouse and then I closed his box. "Ready to go back in?" Rebecca asked. I nodded and sat down in the Animus. "Hey Rebecca, what does Animus mean?" I asked. Rebecca looked away from her computer screen. "Animus means; Basic attitude or Governing spirit." Rebecca said with a shrug. I shrugged back and fell into unconsciousness. I had become good friends with Cleopatra, but it was all a vanity to get closer to her in an attempt to get The Ankh. Also, since I had started wearing my new dress and ringlets, the guards had taken notice of my name, as had Mark Anthony, after he had passed is test of loyalty to Cleopatra, despite my many prayers. "Amunet, come, tell me of your opinions on this dress." Cleopatra called from her dressing chambers. I sighed and walked in. "Yes my queen, which one?" I said upon entering. "This one." She said before picking up a white topless dress. I looked at it and then furrowed my brow. "Perhaps if I saw it on you?" I suggested. Cleopatra grinned and stripped off her current garments. I looked away as she became naked and pulled on the new dress. "Alright, now, your opinion." Cleopatra said after she had the dress around her body. She had well shaped breasts, but not as nice as my own. Perhaps this is why Mark Anthony had been so quick to have his way with me. Other than that, the dress was very nice, but not something I would wear. "It is very nice, Cleopatra." I said. Cleopatra smiled and did a small twirl. I playfully clapped. Gods it sickened me to act so girlish, but I had to do what I had to do. "Do you think Mark will like it?" Cleopatra asked. I shuddered at the mention of that heathen's name. "I know not Cleopatra." I said. She frowned and waved it off. "Oh well, I'll find out when he comes home." She spat. Cleopatra turned and picked up something wrapped in cloth, she turned away from me and opened the cloth, something glowed from within. The Ankh. She closed the cloth and wedged it in the folds of her dress. "Cleopatra, what is that trinket you carry?" I asked. She looked over her shoulder and grinned. "Well, I suppose there is no harm in telling you, not that you would have any interest in it, it is The Ankh of Eden, passed down by the first civilization to Isis and then to me." She said. "May I look upon it?" I asked. This could be my chance to get The Ankh. "You may look, but not touch." Cleopatra said. She pulled The Ankh out of her dress and opened the cloth. My jaw dropped open at the sight of the glowing relic. Cleopatra smiled and then closed the cloth. I blinked and looked up as she put The Ankh back in her dress. "Do you think it wise to keep something of that power on your person?" I asked. Cleopatra furrowed her brow and then smiled. "Better on my person than in the hands of someone I do not trust completely." She said. "And you do not trust Mark Anthony completely, or even I, your closest friend, or perhaps your uncle, the mentor." I suggested. Cleopatra shook her head at each. "No, not Mark, not my uncle and sorry to say it, but not even you." She said. I nodded and Cleopatra quickly hugged me. I jumped and she pulled back. "I hope that this does not come between us and ruin our friendship." She said. I shook my head. "No, but perhaps those will." I said, pointing at her bare breasts. She laughed and hugged me again, this time I hugged her back. "I hope that you do not think ill of me, after the death of your family and the death of your friend, I hope this grudge will be resolved." She said. I shuddered at the thought of Asgili's dead body and reluctantly shook my head. Cleopatra smiled and nodded. "Good, now go, take some time away." She said. I bowed and left. I quickly headed back to my chambers in hopes to find Abaines there. We had met there each night, though he did not make love to me, he still came anyway. I walked into my chambers and was quickly met with a strong, hungry kiss from Abaines. "Welcome back my queen, my love, Amunet." He said before kissing me again. I wanted him so much, but he would not have me, not until he was ready. I explored his body with my hand as did he with mine. Suddenly he grabbed just beneath my butt and lifted me. I hooked my legs behind his back and he laid me down on the bed. Abaines climbed over me and pressed his lips into mine again. They fit together almost as if they were made to match. He ran his hands down to my hips and began to unfold my dress. He was ready, he was going to make love to me at last. Abaines ran his hand down my abdomen and slid his fingers inside me. I began to pull off his shirt. Suddenly, Abaines stopped and pulled away. "Forgive me, I know not what took control of me." He said as he sat on the edge of my bed. I came up behind him and wrapped my arms around his broad shoulders. "Please Abaines, we were so close." I said. He nodded. "I know and that's the problem, I am still not ready to have you." He said. I sighed and laid back on the bed. "Then we have quite a dilemma, I am ready and you are not, what are we to do?" I said. Abaines sighed and laid back next me, wrapping his arm around my hips. "I know not." He said. I ran my hand through his hair and cooed in his ear. Then I kissed his forehead and we slowly fell asleep. I awoke back in the warehouse. "Hey." Rebecca said. I waved and sat up. "Man, that was intense." I said. "I would say, your heart rate went up so high I thought we were gonna have to pull you out and make sure you weren't going into shock or something." Rebecca said.
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