Assassin's Creed Ancient Ones

A rebirth of the Past from the Ashes of the Future.


20. No More Pain

After every thing died down, a woman appeared, but she glowed. "Desmond, I warned you of Juno's intentions and you blatantly disobeyed me." The woman said. "Minerva, I told you that we would find a way to stop her and with Sioula, we can." Desmond said. The woman, who I was guessing was Minerva, frowned. "Desmond, she is not the savior of this world, she is simply another pawn in Juno's game, just like you." Minerva said. Desmond glared. "We are not weak and we are not pawns, we are your creations." Desmond spat. Minerva glared back. "You are humans, she spat with a look of disgust, you were meant to be ruled and taught in our ways." She said. "But we fought back, didn't we, we saw what you were trying to do and we wouldn't stand for it." Desmond shot in growing anger. "If you can't save the world, save yourselves at least." Minerva said, turning to us. "Do not let him lead you onto his path of self destruction and martyrdom." She continued. I shook my head and hooked my arm in Desmond's before glaring straight into Minerva's face. "I don't care if he leads us into destruction, I will still love him." I said. "That is your problem, you let your feelings get in the way of knowing what's is best for yourselves." Minerva said before disappearing.
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