Assassin's Creed Ancient Ones

A rebirth of the Past from the Ashes of the Future.


2. Never Safe

"Inside, quick." The woman said as we got out of the truck. We ran for the doors of the warehouse and went inside. "Desmond, you never told me who they are." I said. He nodded and pointed at the woman. "That's Rebecca, he pointed at the man, and that's Shaun." He said. I nodded and we went in the warehouse. I had noticed that Desmond wore two different gloves, one had fingers, but the other one didn't. "Over here, quick, we need to get her back in the Animus." Rebecca said. "What, what do you mean?" I asked in growing fear. "The Assassins, us, we use the Animus to train ourselves in the ways of our ancestors." Desmond said. "Have you ever used it?" I asked. Desmond suddenly looked sad and rubbed his beard as he seemed to reminisce. "Once, a long, long time ago, but not anymore." He said. I nodded and we walked over to Rebecca. I sat down in the Animus chair and laid my head back. "Are you ready, Sioula?" Rebecca asked. I nodded and Rebecca hit some buttons. Suddenly the chair began to whir as it powered up. "Desmond, are we safe here?" I asked as my eyes became heavy. "No, we're never safe." Desmond said. Then I passed out into the Animus. I woke up back in Ancient Egypt. "Are you certain she is alright?" My mother asked. "She is fine, said my uncle, she was only bit once and will recover soon." I sat up and looked down at my arm where the Asp bit me. "Luckily the healers got the poison out before it did too much damage." My uncle said. I coughed and quickly tried to cover it. But my mother turned and saw me. "Oh my sweet Amunet, are you alright?" My mother asked as she rushed to my side. "I am fine mother." I said. My mother sighed and hugged me, kissing my forehead. "What were you thinking, trying to pet that Asp?" She asked. "I was just curious mother, it's scales were so pretty, I just wanted to feel them." I said, trying to explain. "Shh." My mother said, putting her finger to my lips. Then my uncle came to my side. "Do you understand now why Asps are dangerous?" He asked. I nodded and he hugged me as well. "Now, get some rest." My mother said. I nodded and laid back. A laid there and stared at the ceiling, soon I fell asleep. I burst awake back in the warehouse. "What is it, why did you wake me up?" I asked in growing alarm. "We were getting a huge drop in brain activity, we just want to make sure you weren't dying or something." Rebecca said. "She's fine Rebecca, put her back in, we can't just sit around and expect the world to save itself." Shaun said. Rebecca turned and glared at him. "Easy for you to say Shaun, you've never been in the Animus." Rebecca spat. "Enough." Desmond said. Rebecca and Shaun gave each other one last glare and then turned away. Then the chair began to whir again. "Desmond, what happened to you in the Animus?" I asked. "It didn't happen in the Animus." He said as I faded back into unconsciousness. I woke up the next morning and one of the healers came to my side. "Easy now Amunet, we will have you back outside playing with your friends in no time at all." He said as he began to rub a foul spelling ointment on my snake bite. "Have you ever been bitten?" I asked. The healer smiled. "More times than I can count, and by far more poisonous creatures than a simple Asp." He said with a grin. "How are you still alive?" I asked. "Once you have been bitten enough times, you gain an immunity." He said. I nodded and laid back. I looked out my window to see some of my friends playing near the banks of the Nile. I watched them and soon I fell asleep again. I woke the next morning to find that the healer was gone and my arm was healed. I got up and changed into my dress. "Mother?" I called. My mother came running into the room. "What is it Amunet, are you alright?" I my mother asked. "I am fine mother, look, my arm is healed." I said in excitement. My mother smiled and sighed with great relief. "That is good." She said. "May I go and play with my friends mother?" I asked. My mother frowned as my uncle walked in. "Should I let her go Ukani?" She asked. "Do not fear Anai, as long as she does not go near any more snakes, she will be fine." My uncle said. My mother sighed and nodded. "Go on Amunet, but stay away from the Asps near the bank of the Nile, do you understand?" My mother said. I ran up and hugged my mother. "Thank you mother." I said with excitement. I turned and hugged my uncle as well, then I ran outside. "Amunet!" Shouted one of my friends in excitement. "Hello Enito." I said, waving. Enito ran over and followed me. "Hello Amunet." One of my other friends shouted. "Hello Sati." I said. Suddenly, the memory stopped. Amunet, Sati, and Enito were all frozen in place. "Um, guys, I'm getting something." Rebecca's voice said. "What now?" Shaun asked. "I'm picking up a Piece of Eden nearby." Rebecca answered. "Sioula, Desmond said, do you see anything?" I took control of Amunet's body and looked around. "No, there's nothing that even resembles an Ankh." I said. "Look again, it would be glowing." Shaun said. I looked around again. "No, there's nothing." I said. Suddenly the memory began to break apart. "Get her out now." Desmond said. I burst awake and looked around. "What is it, what's wrong now?" I asked. "The memory fractured, I'll need a minute to fix it." Rebecca said. "Take a walk around, stretch your legs." Desmond said. I nodded and stood. I stretched a little and saw my bust come into the bottom edge of my vision. Then I walked around a little. Desmond walked down a hallway of random farming supplies in the warehouse. I followed him until he turned the corner at the back. I snuck up and looked around the corner and saw Desmond starting to take off his fingered glove. "Desmond?" I said. He looked up and quickly pulled his glove back on. "What's up?" He asked. "Um, I never got a chance to thank you for saving me from Abstergo." I said. "Don't worry about it." he said. I shook my head. Then I leaned forward and kissed his lips.
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