Assassin's Creed Ancient Ones

A rebirth of the Past from the Ashes of the Future.


25. It is Time

"Are you sure?" Shaun asked as I pulled on my hoodie. "I'm sure." I said as I pulled on my hidden blade. I pulled on my taser blade and pulled my bag over my shoulder. "Hurry, I said as we ran out to the truck, we have to get to the museum." I pulled my hood over my head and climbed in the truck. Rebecca dragged over a mattress and threw it in the truck bed. "Why the museum?" Rebecca asked as she climbed in the truck. "Amunet hid The Ankh in Abaines sarcophagus, that new mummy they found in Egypt had his name carved into the lid of the sarcophagus." I explained as Shaun started up the truck and we drove away. It was a fifteen minute drive to the museum. I checked to make sure the blade and the taser worked. We pulled up, the lights off, around the corner of the front of the museum. I opened the door and climbed out. "Drive around back and wait for me." I said. I quietly shut the door and snuck up in the dark toward the doors. I hid behind the museum's sign and peeked around the corner to see two guards at the front door. I whistled and threw my voice. The one of the guards turned. "What was that?" He asked. "I think came from over there." The other guard said. They headed around the corner and I ran up to the doors. I looked around and then I smashed my shoulder through the glass of the doors. An alarm went off and I began running through the dark. "Where is it, where is it?" Hissed to myself. I found the map of the building. I looked up and, unable to read it in the dark, I turned on my flash light. I searched the map and then I found it. "Mummy exhibit, second floor." I said in triumph. I began running toward the exhibit. A pair of guards sidestepped my path. "Hey stop!" The guards screamed. I tazzed one with my taser blade and slashed another's throat with my hidden blade, then I picked up the tazzed guard's pass card. I ran past them and toward the exhibit once again. Soon I got there and swiped the card. The doors opened and I ran up to Abaines' sarcophagus. There was a box of glass surrounding the sarcophagus. "I'm sorry." I said before smashing my elbow through the glass. I reached in and opened the sarcophagus. As I did, a massive plume of dust shot out, it seems they hadn't even opened it yet. Good, that left room for the hope of The Ankh's presence inside. I reached inside and began searching under Abaines' body. Suddenly my fingers ran over something hard. I wrapped my fingers around it and pulled it out. It was wrapped in cloth and I unfolded the cloth in growing triumph. As I un wrapped it, I saw the glowing Ankh. I pulled my bag off my shoulder and unzipped it. Then I dropped The Ankh in my bag and zipped it back up. I pulled my bag back over my shoulder and smiled at the body of my Grandfather. "Thank you Abaines, now rest in peace, and thank my grandmother for everything." I said. Then I closed the sarcophagus and took off running again. I couldn't leave back the way I came. I ran over to the emergency doors and pushed through. Then I climbed up the railings, then I leapt back and forth up the stair well. Half way up, gunshots went off and bullets bounced off the metal stairs. I stopped and looked down. It was the guard I had tazzed, he had recovered and was shooting at me. I knew I should have killed him when I had the chance. I shook my head and leapt across to the other side of the stairwell and continued while he shot at me. I stopped as a bullet flew past my cheek and into the metal stairs above. I looked down in shock, the guard had made his way up the stairs, and he was gaining on me. I had to speed up so I leapt again, this time my hand slipped and I almost dropped. I quickly grabbed onto the stair railings and continued my ascent, trying to push the fear of falling from my mind. "Stop!" The guard screamed at me. I stuck my tongue out at him and continued to leap. I only had a few more floors to go, but I was getting tired, I wished Desmond was here, he would help me. I could see the top floor. I jumped up and suddenly, a bullet hit the railing right next to my hand. I whipped my hand back and looked down at the guard. Then I looked back and I threw my hand over the railing and climbed over. I pushed the door open and ran down the hall way toward the ladder. I got to the ladder as the guard opened the door from the stairs. I quickly climbed up until I hit the roof hatch. I pushed it open and climbed up. I ran over to the edge of the roof, then I climbed up and looked down to the parking lot in the back. Shaun and Rebecca weren't there. "What the hell, where are they?" I hissed to myself. Suddenly the truck sped over underneath me. "Hey, stop!" I turned to see the guard standing behind me with his pistol aimed at my back. I turned and flipped him off. "Fuck you!" I shouted, then I turned back and made a Leap of Faith. I flew through the air, all seven stories of the museum and watched as the truck bed quickly made it's way toward me. "Dammit!" I shouted before flipping my body and hitting the mattress flat on my back. I rolled over and jumped to my feet. I looked up at the guard and then knocked hard on the glass of the back window. "Drive!" I shouted. Shaun nodded and hit the gas, throwing me off balance. I fell back on the mattress and then pushed my self back up. I grabbed the roof of the truck and waited for Rebecca to open the window. She opened it and I handed her my bag, then I climbed in. I took my bag back and unzipped it, then I reached in and pulled out The Ankh. "Are you sure you got it?" Shaun asked. I unfolded the cloth and The Ankh glowed throughout the truck's interior. "Yeah, I'm sure." I said. I refolded the cloth and put The Ankh back I my bag. "Let's go home." I said. It was time to stop Juno, it was time to bring Desmond back, it was time to save the world. We pulled into the parking lot of the warehouse, it was time to get some sleep. However, I dreamt of Desmond that night. "Desmond, I need your help, I don't know what to do." I said to the empty air of my subconscious. I stood in the dark room in the back of my mind and suddenly his hand appeared and brushed my cheek. I looked up and Desmond was standing in front of me. I smiled and he kissed me. "Be strong, he said, everything will be okay." I looked around, we were no longer in the black emptiness of my subconscious, now we were in an old city. "Where are we?" I asked. "Florence, Italy." Desmond said. I looked behind him and saw an older man that resembled him very much. He was talking and rubbing the pregnant stomach of a younger woman. "Who is that?" I asked. Desmond turned and looked over his shoulder. "That's my Ancestor, Ezio Auditore da Firenze." Desmond said. "He's so old." I said. Desmond smiled. "He was in his fifties when he married Sofia Sorto, that's her, soon to become Sofia Auditore." Desmond said. Suddenly the city changed to a much older city. "And now?" I asked. "Masyaf, the Holy Lands." Desmond said. I saw another man that resembled Desmond. "Who's that?" I asked. "Altaïr Ibn' La Ahad, Desmond said, my first Ancestor." Altaïr was with a woman as well. "And that's." I started. "Maria Thorpe." Desmond answered. Suddenly the city change once again to a mid Revolutionary War era town and again I saw a man who resembled Desmond. "New York State, America." Desmond said. I started to open my mouth when I saw another Desmond impersonator, but he cut me off. "Connor Kenway." He said. Then the city faded back into darkness. "It's time for me to go." Desmond said. "No, please, stay with me." I exclaimed. Suddenly Altaïr, Ezio, and Connor appeared behind Desmond. "They all left the order for the woman they loved, I would have gladly done the same if I could have." Desmond said. "Desmond, it is time." Ezio said. "Do not fear." Altaïr chimed in. "Come with us." Connor said. Desmond frowned and pressed his lips into mine one last time. "Good bye Sioula, it's your order now, be safe, it is time for me to join the line of assassins of my family, you will do the same one day and on that day, we will see each other again." Desmond said. Then he turned and the four of them began to walk away. I stood and let the tears pour down my cheeks as they disappeared into the darkness. I stood in silence when I suddenly heard one last sentence from Desmond's voice. "Nothing is true, everything is permitted." He said. I smiled and then I burst awake back in the warehouse. I sat for a moment and then silently burst into tears. Epilogue Desmond was gone forever and at least now he was with his family. We had stopped Juno, but we still have yet to get The Skull from Abstergo, but that is a story for another time. To those who hunt to find us, we do not fear the darkness, instead we welcome it's embrace. My name is Sioula, and like my grandmother before me, I am an Assassin.
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