Assassin's Creed Ancient Ones

A rebirth of the Past from the Ashes of the Future.


15. Hiding in Plain Sight

"You try." Desmond whispered. I looked up as a man in a suit walked past. "Any change, sir?" I pleaded. "Sorry, I'm all out." The man said before rolling his eyes as he walked past us. "Not bad, but not perfect either." Desmond said. I scoffed and looked up at the next person walking up. It was a very stuck up looking man. "Free kisses, baby." I spat. The man grimaced and quickly rushed past. I looked over at Desmond. He shrugged and stood. I stood after him and we went back to the truck. We climbed in and headed back to the warehouse. We got out of the truck and I pushed Desmond up against the wall. "Free kisses, baby." I whispered sensually. Desmond smiled and pressed his lips into mine. After a minute, Desmond pulled away. "That guy doesn't know what he's missing." Desmond said. I smiled and we headed inside. I walked back over to the Animus and sat down. "Only a few minutes left." Rebecca said. I nodded and passed into unconsciousness. I walked into my chambers to find a new dress and a few ringlets. I pulled the largest of the ringlets up onto my arm, just below my shoulder. I picked up the other two ringlets and pulled them onto my wrists. Then I took off my dress and then wrapped my hips with my new black and red fabric dress. I found a new dagger and wedged it in the folds of my dress. Then I opened Thoth's basket, only to find him gone. "Looking for someone?" Abaines asked before coming out of the shadows. I smiled at the sight of Thoth wrapped around Abaines' arm. "He seems to like you." I said before taking Thoth back. "He missed you though." Abaines said as I put Thoth back in his basket. I smiled as Abaines came around behind me and ran his hands over my abdomen. I turned and let Abaines kiss me. His lips tasted so good. I could feel a seed of lust take root in my heart. I wanted him so much. Abaines explored my body with his hands, as did I with him. Abaines and I backed up onto the bed. I laid on my back and Abaines sat on all fours above me. We stared into each other's eyes as we laid on the bed. "Take me Abaines." I whispered sensually to him. He smiled and shook his head. "Not now, I respect you too much to simply ruin you." He said. "I have already been ruined, by much worse people and only one who was worthy of my heart." I said. "Asgili." Abaines said. "You know?" I asked. Abaines smiled and kissed me again. "It was only a matter of time, you two worked so closely." He said. "I was so confused with him around, I love you, but I wanted him." I said. "Lust and Love are two different things." Abaines said. I nodded and he fell onto the bed next to me. But they can coexist. I thought to myself. I woke up back in the warehouse. "Sioula's back." Rebecca called. I stood and headed to the bedroom. I could use a good night's rest. I found Desmond laying in the bed already. I took off my hoodie and walked up to the edge of the bed. "Hey." I said as I climbed into bed with him. "Hey." He repeated. "Why are you looking so down?" I asked. "If this relationship is to go any farther, I want there to be no secrets." Desmond said. I laid down next to him and he wrapped his arm around my shoulders. "So I'm going to tell you one of the worst ones being kept." He said, rubbing my shoulder. "Okay." I said. "We aren't trying to save the world from Abstergo." Desmond said. "The Greek gods are real and one of them is trying to take over the world, her name is Juno and she tried to kill me a few years ago, that's how Abstergo recaptured me." Desmond explained. My jaw dropped. "You became part of the order under false pretenses." Desmond said. I blinked and looked down at my feet. "I chose to become part of the order to be with you, I said, not to stop Abstergo." Desmond looked down at me and I kissed him. "I don't know who Juno is and I don't care, she tried to kill you and she wants to take over the world, that's reason enough for me to hate her." I said. Desmond smiled and hugged me. "I'm so lucky to have you." Desmond said. "I love you Desmond, that's all." I said. "I love you too." Desmond said. We fell asleep in each other's arms. I woke the next morning and rolled over to wrap my arm around Desmond's waist. Shaun and Rebecca were gone, probably to get supplies. "Desmond." I whispered in his ear. "Hm?" He said. "The wardens are gone." I whispered. Desmond rolled over and looked at me. "Want to mess around?" I asked. Desmond smirked and nodded. I pulled off my shirt and let Desmond pull my jeans off from around my slender legs. I clenched my bottom lip beneath my teeth as Desmond slowly and sensually ran his fingers up the skin of my thighs and up my abdomen. He ran his fingers over my belly button and up between my breasts. Then he slid his fingers up my neck and over my face. I kissed his palm and he licked my stomach. I playfully smacked the side of his head. "Whoa there cowboy, slow it down, no freaky stuff until after second base." I said. He grinned and and kissed my belly button. I shuddered and sighed as he slowly lifted his face between my breasts and kissed my cleavage. I ran my fingers through his hair and kissed his forehead. "Having fun yet?" He asked before meeting my lips with his. I chuckled and nodded. "Yes, yes I am." I said. Desmond pulled the covers over us and laid next me in the bed, wrapping his arm around my bare waist and pulling me into his muscular body. "Good." He whispered. Suddenly the truck pulled up and I slid under the covers entirely, followed by Desmond. "Guess they still haven't woken up yet." Shaun said as he passed the bed. "Let's just get some food in us, I'm starving." Rebecca said as they walked into the Animus room. Desmond and I sighed before I pulled my shirt back on, followed by my jeans, then we both emerged from the blankets. "How's that for hiding?" I asked. "Pretty good." He said before standing and walking back into the Animus room. "Oh, hey Desmond." Rebecca said. "She sleeps heavy doesn't she?" Shaun asked. Desmond chuckled. "Not really, she woke up a few times in the night." Desmond said. Great Desmond, tell them my sleeping patterns. I didn't care though, I loved him to much to care.
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