Assassin's Creed Ancient Ones

A rebirth of the Past from the Ashes of the Future.


3. Happiness Comes to Those Who Wait

Desmond stood in shock as I leaned back on my heels. I looked into his face for a few seconds before I realized what I had done. "Oh my god, Desmond I didn't, I mean I did, but I, I'm sorry." I stammered. "Shh, Desmond said as he put his fingers to my lips, it's okay." I looked down at the floor and then back at him. Desmond smiled, then leaned down, and kissed me back. I stood and suddenly Desmond slipped his tongue into my mouth. I didn't know what to do, I wanted to push him back, but I also wanted him to go further than just kissing. All I could think to do is put my tongue in his mouth, so I did. This wasn't my first kiss, but I wanted it to be, because I knew I would remember this one more than any other kiss before. Soon my hands began to explore Desmond's body, from his muscular back to his smooth bearded face. As I explored, so did he, from my face down to my lower back. I wanted him to go farther down, but he didn't, I wanted this moment to last forever, but it didn't, he pulled back and smiled. Then he looked behind me and his smile quickly faded. I looked over my shoulder to see Rebecca and Shaun. Rebecca was wide eyed and Shaun was staring at the floor. "I came to tell you that I found the problem with the Animus." Rebecca said. "I came to tell you that I found some background on The Ankh." Shaun said. I blushed and quickly stepped past them. I walked back down the corridor of farm supplies and sat down in the Animus. Desmond came over to me, without Rebecca and Shaun. "Hey." He said. "Hey." I repeated. Desmond stood for a second and then dropped into a squat next to me. He reached over and grabbed my chin with his index finger and his thumb, then he turned my face toward his. "Don't worry about it, he said soothingly, this isn't the first time they've seen that." I furrowed my brow. "So you have an ex?" I asked. His face became sad and he nodded. "In a way, she died a few years ago." He said. "Templars?" I asked. Desmond shook his head. "What was her name?" I asked. "Lucy, Lucy Stillman." He said. "I'm sorry." I said. He smiled and kissed me again. It was quick this time, then he stood and walked away. After a minute, Rebecca and Shaun came back. "So what was this stuff you found on The Ankh?" I asked. "What stuff, oh, nothing really, no really important stuff, like how The Ankh can bring back the dead, no important stuff like that." He spat. "Shaun, shut it." Rebecca commanded. Shaun threw his hands up in surrender and sat down at his desk. "Sorry about that Sioula, Shaun's kind of a Douche." Rebecca spat. I shrugged it off. "I heard that." Shaun called to Rebecca from his desk. "Good for you." Rebecca called back. "So what was going on with the Animus?" I asked. "Oh, it was just a bit of memory it couldn't read, I had to fast forward a few years, Ancient memory is always harder to read." Rebecca explained. I nodded. "You ready to go back in?" Rebecca asked. "Who was Amunet?" I asked. Shaun turned back to us. "Finally a question I can answer, Amunet was a Master Assassin, she killed someone really important to Ancient Egypt." He said with a triumphant grin. "Who?" I asked. He shook his head. "You find out for yourself." He said. Then Shaun turned back to his desk. Rebecca rolled her eyes and started up the Animus. "Have a nice nap." Rebecca said. I gave her a thumbs up and then passed out into the Animus. I woke up to the sound of uncle and mother fighting, again. I stood and wrapped my dress around my hips. Then I grabbed my chest piece and pulled it on over my breasts. I walked out and peeked around the corner to see my uncle holding an Asp, my Asp, by the jaws and my mother with her arms crossed over her bust. "We have told Amunet to stay away from these snakes for years and then I find one in a basket in her room, do you not care about her safety any longer!?" My uncle yelled. "I am just a mad about this as you are Ukani, it is not as if I handed this Asp to her and told her to keep it." My mother shouted back. "Anai, you have to control her better than this, if this snake had gotten out of the basket and in her bed, or your bed for that matter, while you were sleeping, I could only expect the worst." My uncle said. My mother sighed, that is when I stepped into the room. "Uncle, mother?" I said. They both turned and glared at me. "Amunet, what is the meaning of this!?" My uncle yelled at me. I walked over and took the snake from him. "It is alright uncle, he will not harm me." I said as I let the Asp slither across my body and wrap itself around my arm. "Amunet, these are wild creatures, they will harm if threatened, they are not pets, you cannot tame a snake, it is not in their nature to be tamed." My mother said. I stood in silence as the Asp made it's way around my lower back and wrapped the other half of it's body around my other arm. "Miss Anai, Mister Ukani, I gave Amunet the snake, she wanted it, but could not get to it, I gave the snake to her." Spoke up Abaines, a boy I really liked, from the corner of the room. "Abaines, you do not have to take the blame for her mistakes." My mother said turning to him. He nodded and came over to me. "Miss Anai, I can take the snake back if you want." Abaines said. My mother nodded and Abaines ran his hand across my lower back. I blushed as he slid his fingers across my skin and under the snake. The he lifted the Asp off my body. The Asp hissed as he pulled it off my arms and let it wrap around his own. He turned and left the house with the Asp. "Now, Amunet, go get me your clothing so I may wash it." My mother said. I nodded and went back into my room to gather my clothes. Suddenly there was a knock on my windowsill. I looked out and Abaines poked his head into my room. "Here, keep him hidden better this time." He said with a smile as he lifted the Asp back through the window. I smiled and kissed his cheek, then I took the Asp and put him back into the basket. "Go back to sleep Thoth." I whispered to him as I closed the basket lid. "Thank you Abaines." I said as I hugged him through the window. He nodded and caught my arm as I pulled back. "What is it?" I asked. He grinned and pressed his lips into mine. I blushed as he pulled back. "Good day Amunet, beauty of the sands." He said as he pulled out of the window and disappeared into the maze of houses in my village. "Amunet, my mother called, I will not ask you again." She said. I hurriedly picked up my clothes and came back. "Here you are mother." I said, handing her my clothes. "Amunet, I meant all your clothes." She said. I looked down at the clothes I was wearing. "Go bathe and bring me your clothes later." She said. I nodded and went out to the Nile. I looked around to make sure no one was watching, then I took off my clothes and climbed into the water. The water was cool as it touched my skin. I shuddered as the cold waters touched my breasts, I stood for a moment and then dunked my head under the water. I held myself under the water and then came back up, whipping the water from my hair. I stood and quickly covered myself with my shed clothes. Then I went back to my house. I handed my mother my clothes and then went back to my room and climbed under the blankets of my bed. I slowly fell asleep and dreamt of Abaines' kiss. Suddenly a knock on my windowsill awoke me. It was night now and I looked up to see a man climb into my room. I quickly covered myself with the blankets. "Who are you, leave at once." I hissed at the man. "Relax girl, I am not here to take advantage of your current nakedness." The man said. "Then what is it you want?" I asked. "I am here to ask for your assistance." The man said. I furrowed my brow. The man opened the basket that my Asp was in. "Please do not hurt him." I said in growing fear as he reached into the basket. "Do not fear, I am not a cruel person." He said. He pulled his arm back and I saw Thoth wrap himself around the man's arm. "He is a strong snake, well fed I presume." The man said as he handed the Asp to me. I took him and let Thoth wrap around my shoulders and arms. "Does he have a name?" The man asked. "Yes, I named him Thoth." I said. "Ah, the Scribe." The man said. I nodded. "Are you a snake charmer?" I asked. He grinned. "I was once, but now I follow a much darker path" The man said. I looked down at Thoth as his tongue whipped across my chin. "Come with me, but clothe yourself first, there are men where we are going." The man said. I furrowed my brow and the man climbed back out my window. I stood and put Thoth back in his basket, then I wrapped my hips with my dress and then I pulled on my chest piece and climbed out my window after the man. I dropped and the man caught me. "Follow me, we have a long way to go." The man said. "This way." The man said. "But that will lead us to the palace." I said in fear as the man turned toward the palace. "I know, that is where we must go." The man said. "But, Cleopatra, the Queen will have our heads if we are caught trespassing." I said. "Behind these walls of marble and limestone, hides an order who works in the darkness to serve the light." The man said. "But." I began. "We will be safe here." The man said. As we approached the main stairs of the palace, guards stepped in front of us. "Halt, what business do you have here?" One of the guards said. "We are members of the order, stand aside." The man said. The guards bowed and moved away. "Come, quickly." The man said. We rushed past the guards and into the throne room of the palace. "Over here." The man said. We walked over to a blank wall. "But, this is a simple wall." I said. The man smiled and pressed his hand into an spear head shaped symbol. There was a loud click and a piece of the wall opened. We walked inside and the wall closed behind us. Suddenly torches lit and we were bathed in light. "Come, this way." The man said. We walked down a long corridor until we entered a massive room filled with people.
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