Assassin's Creed Ancient Ones

A rebirth of the Past from the Ashes of the Future.


14. Getting Closer to The Enemy

I walked back over to the Animus. "How much time do I have left?" I asked as I sat down. "About an hour." Rebecca said. "Leave me in for an extra hour." I said. "But." Rebecca started. "I need to find The Ankh, Cleopatra has it and Amunet is trying to get closer to her." I said. Rebecca nodded and started up the Animus. I had tried time and time again to get close enough to Cleopatra to swipe The Ankh of Eden. However, I had no such luck. Mark had made several advances toward me, but I always slipped away from him. Also, I had no time to go to my chambers to get my new supplies. It was maddening. I had met with Abaines multiple times to make sure he was keeping Thoth fed and exercised. I was keeping to the shadows, hunting Cleopatra's every movement. "Amunet." A voice hissed from the hallway behind me. I jumped and spun to see Abaines. "You startled me Abaines, what is it?" I said. He quickly sat his right hand over my face. I stood, frozen in thought at what he was doing. Abaines kept his hand over my face, cooing quietly before running his fingers down my cheeks. He pulled back and met my lips with his. My eyes widened in shock before I let Abaines probe the inside of my mouth with his tongue. Abaines pulled back and smiled. "What was that for?" I asked. He set his hand on my cheek. I smiled and laid my hand atop his. "Just because I wanted to." Abaines said. "But, what of this?" I asked, holding up my missing digit. Abaines smiled and waved it off. "We are allowed to love, but never marry, I do not care for the tenets, I would gladly leave the order for you." He said. I quickly put my fingers to his lips. "Shh, are you mad, do not speak of such things in public." I hissed. "Perhaps, he said, about you." I blushed and looked away. "I must go." I said. "When can I see you again?" Abaines asked in excitement. "Tonight, in my chambers." I said. Abaines nodded and quickly disappeared into the shadows. "Maiden, Amunet, I need you." Cleopatra called. "Coming my lady." I called back in annoyance. I did not know how I was to get away from Cleopatra to meet Abaines in my chambers. I ran down the hallway to find Cleopatra. "Yes, my queen?" I asked with a bow. "Ah, there you are, I need you to take time away from me." She said. "What, but." I began. "I need to test Mark's loyalty to me, this is best." She said. I bowed and walked away. I hoped Mark did not pass her test, he made my skin crawl with each of his lustful looks. It angered me not to be able to stay close enough to Cleopatra to get The Ankh, but at least now Abaines and I could be alone in my chambers. Also, I could get my new supplies and I could see Thoth. I was almost certain he yearned for my company again. I burst awake back in the warehouse. "Hey, what the hell?" I asked as I sat up. "Desmond wanted to talk to you." Rebecca said. I sighed and stood up. "Where is he?" I asked. "In the training ring." Shaun said. I sighed again and headed out. The training ring was in the middle of the warehouse, just past the bedrooms. I walked over to find Desmond standing in the center of the ring. He was shirtless, showing off his abs and pectorals. It made me shudder to think of touching his skin. However, he had his hoodie still on, unzipped and the sleeves pulled down to his wrists. On his hands he still had his gloves. "There you are, I was hoping you would wake up." He said. I took off my hoodie and pulled up my sleeves. Then I stepped into the ring. "We need to work on your skills." Desmond said. I furrowed my brow. "My ancestor, Ezio, believed in using skills and luck to kill his enemies." Desmond said. I nodded. Suddenly Desmond lunged forward, hidden blade aiming for my abdomen. Sidestepped and looked at him in amazement at his ferocity. "Desmond." I began. Desmond lunged again, swinging his hidden blade at my throat. I ducked and dropped onto my hands, kicking my feet into Desmond's chest. My feet connected and Desmond huffed as his breath whooshed from his lungs and he went sprawling. I dropped back onto all fours and stood. "Desmond, are you okay?" I asked as he stood, his eyes shut, trying to regain his breath. Suddenly Desmond's eyes shot open and he shot his arms straight, ejecting two hidden blades from beneath his hoodie's sleeves. In one fluent motion, Desmond lunged, swinging for my throat, slashing at my abdomen, spinning, swinging for my throat again and giving three quick jabs at my stomach. I jumped back, dodging each attack and giving a right cross at Desmond's face. My fist connected with his jaw and he stumbled. Desmond retracted his hidden blades and rubbed his jaw while smiling up at me. "Desmond?" I said. Desmond's smile quickly turned into a snarl and he lunged for my throat again. I smacked his hand away and gave a quick jab to his abdomen. Desmond's body con-vexed and I kneed him in the chest. He stumbled and I clothes lined his collar bones, knocking him to the floor. He laid there and panted. I bent down and laid my hand on his cheek. "Desmond, are you okay?" I asked. He grinned and nodded. "Not bad." He huffed. I smiled and kissed his cheek. "Ready for your next test?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. "As long as you don't threaten my life again." I said. Desmond sat up and rubbed my back. "No, this one has to do with blending into the crowd." He said before zipping up his hoodie and pulling his hood up. I nodded and grabbed my own hoodie, zipping it up and covering my face with my hood. "We're heading out." Desmond called. "Got it, see ya later." Rebecca called from the other room. Desmond opened the door and we headed out to the truck. We climbed in and pulled out onto the street. Desmond drove us to the bad part of town and parked the truck a few blocks back. We climbed out and Desmond walked us over near some homeless people. "Sit down." Desmond whispered. I nodded and we sat down together next to a light pole. "We have to hide in plain sight, be one with the crowd, if we are to be safe on the streets, we must do this, we can kill, escape, steal, all from the crowd." Desmond explained. A cop walked by and I put my head down. Desmond, however, did not. "Hey, give me cigarette." He called in an old sounding New Yorker voice. The cop grunted and kept walking. "See, they don't notice you, if you aren't who they think you are." Desmond said with a grin.
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