Assassin's Creed Ancient Ones

A rebirth of the Past from the Ashes of the Future.


9. Friends and Family

I woke the next morning to find Desmond gone. I got up and headed around the corner. Shaun was at his computer, Rebecca was sitting next to the Animus, and Desmond was at her side, leaning on the table. I walked over to him and he smiled as I leaned into his chest and kissed him. "Well good morning to you too." He said. I smiled and sat down in the Animus. "Okay, let's get back to work." I said. Rebecca nodded and started up the Animus. Desmond kissed me. "See when you wake up." He said. I smiled and faded back into unconsciousness once again. It had been three months since my mother and uncle had argued my staying here. But I had more important things to do besides worry about them. I was beginning to have mixed feelings about Asgili, I liked him as a friend, but I also wanted him as a lover. I couldn't understand it. I was in love with Abaines, but I wanted Asgili too. Currently, the three of us were in the city, searching for new contracts. "Help, help me, somebody, please." A woman was shouting. Asgili ran to her aid. "What is it?" Asgili asked. "The slave traders have taken my daughter, they are going to sell her in Istanbul." The woman said, on the verge of tears. "We will get her back for you." Abaines said. The woman nodded and smiled, then she hugged Asgili. His eyes widened and his body became tense. "Thank you kind souls." The woman wept. Asgili nodded and pulled away of the woman's grasp. We walked back to the palace afterwards. It was getting dark, considering that it was past mid-day when we left the city. We headed back through the secret passageway in the throne room to report to the mentor. We walked up to him and Asgili explained the contract. "Mentor, a woman's daughter has been kidnapped and taken to be sold in Istanbul by slave traders, I request to go after them and save her." Asgili said. The mentor nodded. "Of course, we will have you on a ship to Istanbul tonight, also, Amunet, the queen has requested a new hand maiden, we will be sending you, it will get you closer to Cleopatra and hopefully, help you discover the whereabouts of The Ankh of Eden." The mentor said. We both bowed and left. I headed to my chambers to get my belongings ready for my new mission. It had been a few minutes before I heard a knock on my door. I turned to see Asgili standing in the doorway. "Asgili, what is it?" I asked. "I could not leave before giving you this." He said. I cocked my head as he shut the door and dropped his things on the floor. "What is it?" I asked. He smiled and then pressed his lips into mine. I stood in shock, then I began to kiss him back. Asgili ran his hands down my waist to my hips, then he unwrapped my dress from my body. I wrapped my arms around his waist and ran my hands up his muscular back. His lips tasted so good, but I would not enjoy them as much as what came next. He lifted my shoulder piece free of my body and pulled off my top, without ever pulling out of our kiss. I wanted him so much. Suddenly he grabbed my hips and lifted me off the ground. I hooked my legs behind his back as he carried me over to the bed. He laid me down and pulled off his loincloth. I smiled as he leaned forward and kissed me again. I laid on the bed and ran my hands down his chest and abdomen, suddenly, Asgili entered me. I smiled again as he began to thrust himself into me with growing force. He grunted with each thrust and I could feel him get deeper inside me at the same beat of his grunts. I moaned as he lifted my body and laid me further back on the bed. I clenched my bottom lip beneath my upper teeth at the feeling of his hands on my breasts. I wanted him more and more with each hard thrust of his hips, driving his shaft further into my body. I began to moan as he pounded me. It felt somewhat strange to have a man of a different race inside me, especially when his braid fell over his shoulder and landed next my head on the pillow, but I didn't care. Suddenly Asgili came inside me. I moaned as he gave three more harsh thrusts into my body before he slid himself out of my opening. He stood and pulled his loincloth back on, then he smiled sweetly before picking up his belongings and leaving. I laid on the bed, motionless, breathless. Now I was very confused. I loved Abaines, but I loved Asgili as well, what was I to do? I woke up back in the warehouse. "Sioula's awake." Rebecca called. I stood and walked over to Shaun. "Hey Shaun, did Amunet ever have any children with anyone?" I asked. He gave me a questioning look. "Anyone that we know?" I specified. "Oh, well I can check, good enough?" He said. I nodded and he began typing on his computer. "Okay, well, her first child was full blooded Egyptian, why?" He said. "Well, she just got done screwing Asgili in my latest memory." I said. Shaun furrowed his brow. "Asgili, the Cherokee Indian, just did the deed with Amunet?" He asked. I nodded. "Well, this certainly brings a strange new light to interracial sex, now doesn't it?" Shaun spat. I shrugged and walked over to Desmond. "Hey, how we doing?" I asked. "I just found a few Abstergo radio messages, they haven't found us yet, but they sure as hell are looking." He said. I nodded and kissed his cheek. I turned and walked over to Rebecca. "Hey Rebecca, have you ever used the Animus?" I asked. Rebecca nodded. "Yeah, but my ancestor was just some Prussian Mercenary, no BA assassins like you guys." She said. "Trust me, we aren't all we're chalked up to be." I said. Rebecca chuckled and handed me a can of Sprite. I nodded and took it from her. We popped the tabs in unison and both took sips. "How many assassin ancestors does Desmond have?" I asked. "Too many, there's Altaïr, Giovanni, Ezio, Edward, Haythem, Connor, Aveline, just too many to count." She spat with a frown. I chuckled and took another sip of my Sprite. Rebecca sighed and patted my shoulder. "Good luck with Desmond, he's a catch, of many sorts." She said. I nodded. A hell of a catch indeed. But he was my catch and I wasn't going to throw him back. Not now, not ever if I didn't have to. I smiled at his back and took another sip of my Sprite. Well, back to work, we had to save the world from Abstergo still and it was going to be a long road ahead too.
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