Assassin's Creed Ancient Ones

A rebirth of the Past from the Ashes of the Future.


11. Fade into Nothingness

Abaines carried me up the steps and into the palace. We went through the passage into the palace underground and searched for the mentor We found him, standing with the queen, Cleopatra. They both had flushed faces, the mentor had a glare that would pierce the soul of even the darkest shadow beast of the underworld, but the queen had an almost more terrifying glare on her own features. "What is the meaning of this, you let an assassin kill the child of my palace guard's captain, and now you verbally attack me because of my retaliation for such an act!?" Cleopatra shouted. The mentor huffed and turned his back to her. "Do not dare turn your back to me Cylis!" Cleopatra yelled to the mentor's back. The mentor spun with the intensity of a god's fury. "How dare you speak my name and how dare you speak to me in this way, I sent my assassin on a contract, no more, no less, your guard's son knew the risks of joining in with slave traders as well as kidnapping an innocent child to sell in Istanbul, now you retaliate by destroying the homes and lives of thousands of other innocents!" The mentor bellowed at full volume. Cleopatra took a step back in fear at the anger of the mentor. "You have even gone so far as to destroy the family, life, and home of one of my assassins as well as your hand maiden!" The mentor roared, pointing to me. Cleopatra looked at me with a look of growing sadness. "I only want for you to learn your boundaries, my niece, Cleopatra, but you have learned nothing, you have married both of your brothers, you have made love to a man who did not deserve it, you must find a husband that will take care of you, what of this new man you have an interest in, this Mark Anthony?" The mentor asked. "I like him, but I do not know if he has the same feelings for me." She said. The mentor set his jaw, the muscle flexing noticeably. He nodded and sighed before Cleopatra turned to Abaines and I. "Forgive me, Amunet, for my sins." She pleaded. I walked up to her and glared into her face. I tried not to, but I swung my open hand into her cheek. Cleopatra stumbled and looked on in shock at me. I felt my chin tremble before I let the tears flow. "You killed my Uncle and my Mother, you burned down my home, and now you ask for my forgiveness!?" I wept at her. Cleopatra looked at the floor and rubbed her stung cheek. "Beat me, for what I have done." She whispered. "What?" I asked as I choked back my tears. "Punish me with your rage, hit me again, I deserve all that you think of torturing me with." She said. I shook my head and hugged. "If I was to do that, I said, you would surely die from the pain." Abaines set his hand on my shoulder. "You have passed the final test of the assassins, forgiveness and mercy." Abaines said. The mentor nodded and set his hand on top of my head. I nodded and pulled away from Cleopatra. She smiled at me and left, heading back to the throne room. "Mentor." Abaines started. "Go find Asgili, bring him back here." He said. We nodded and took off back toward the city. We got through the crowd of soldiers, showing them our missing digits, letting them know we were of the order. We searched the city for Asgili. "Asgili, come back to us brother." Abaines called into the empty air. We searched for hours without luck. Suddenly smoke cleared and I turned into Abaines shoulder, weeping at what we found. Laying on the ground, multiple arrows stabbing into his flesh, was Asgili. Abaines stroked my hair, cooing soothingly into my ear. He pulled away and walked over to Asgili's body. Abaines set his hand on Asgili's chest and prayed silently. Then he pulled the arrows free of Asgili's body and lifted Asgili's corpse into his arms and carried his body back to the palace. Abaines carried Asgili into the passage of the palace underground. Tii came up to me and let me cry into her shoulder as Abaines carried Asgili's body over to the room altar. Abaines put Asgili's hands on his chest and then closed Asgili's eyes. "Rest in peace, brother." Abaines whispered. Though I had only lost one of the men I loved, I had lost my lover, my friend, my family, Asgili was gone and now his soul would leave this realm and move on to the next. No Osiris, no Anubis, just nothingness. I burst awake back in the warehouse. "Time's up." Rebecca said as I stood. Suddenly I stopped, looking in on in horror at the vision of Asgili. He had no war paint, only his bow. He glared at me, then he looked down at the floor and then smiled up at me. Suddenly he threw his arm in the air, bow in hand. He whooped twice and let out a short high pitched howl. Then he smiled and turned and ran into the wall, disappearing just before he got there. I stood and suddenly began to fade into unconsciousness. I woke a few hours later with Desmond stroking my hair. "Hey, you snore, did you know that?" He said. I sat up and looked around. "I saw." I began. "Asgili, I know, you talk in your sleep too." Desmond said, cutting me off. "He just died in my latest memory, Amunet was so sad, tell me I won't have to be like that with you." I said. Desmond smiled and nodded. "Promise me." I spat. He smiled and kissed me. "I swear it." He said. I smiled and hugged him. "I love you Desmond." I said. I don't know why. Desmond wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into a stronger embrace. "Like wise." He said. I pulled back and looked at him. "I love you." He said. "You do?" I asked. He smiled and kissed me again. "Of course I do." He said. I hugged him again. Desmond ran his hands down my waist and set his fingers right on the edge of my jeans. I shuddered at the thought of him going farther, but again, he didn't. "Never leave me Desmond." I said. He set his chin on my shoulder and kissed my ear. "Never." He whispered. I laid back on the bed, pulling him with me. "Make love to me Desmond, hot crazy love." I whispered to him sensually. He smiled and slid his hand up under my shirt. He ran his fingers up my abdomen and between my breasts, back out the neck of my shirt. He slid his hand up my neck, over my chin, and set his finger tips on my eyelids. "Not yet." He whispered before slowly slid his finger back down my face, between my breasts, and down my abdomen. I shuddered at his fingers, tickling my skin on their way free of my shirt. "Patience is best." He said. Before wrapping his arm around my waist and pulling me into his muscular body. We laid there, never moving, soon falling asleep.
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