Assassin's Creed Ancient Ones

A rebirth of the Past from the Ashes of the Future.


18. Escape the Coming Fire

We woke the next morning to an alarm sounding. Desmond and I jumped up. "What's going on?" Desmond asked as we turned the corner into the Animus room. "Abstergo has found the warehouse, they're sending multiple trucks." Shaun said from the radio. "Alright, we all know the drill, get the Animus in the back of the truck and head out of the city, they'll find the warehouse empty and forget about it." Desmond rattled off. We all nodded and I ran over to help Rebecca and Shaun dismantle the Animus. We got all the wires unhooked from the Animus in record time and Desmond helped us lift it and carry it out to the truck. We put it in the bed of the truck and wired it all back in. "How much time would I have in the Animus at this state?" I asked. "An hour max." Rebecca said as we headed back in to get the computers. "How much time?" Shaun called. "Twenty minutes, the Abstergo trucks are pulling onto Main Boulevard right now." Rebecca called back. Shaun and Rebecca grabbed their computers and Desmond grabbed his. I grabbed my Python and his mice. We carried everything out to the truck and loaded it all in. Now it was our turn to get in the truck and get the hell out of here. Shaun sped away from the warehouse at full speed. We got out of the city and started heading toward a forest. "What's this forest called?" I asked, trying to find it on the map. "MoHawk Valley, my ancestor, Connor Kenway, lived here with the MoHawk tribe during the American Revolution." Desmond said, never taking his eyes off mine. "I'm gonna get some time in the Animus." I said. Desmond nodded and I opened the tiny back window in the truck and climbed through into the truck bed. I sat in the Animus and Rebecca powered up the system from her seat in the truck. I sat and stared up at the trees before passing into unconsciousness. I woke the next morning to find guards dragging Abaines out of my chambers. "Stop, what has he done?" I ordered as I stood. "I cannot tell you Miss Amunet, only the mentor and the queen can answer that." A guard said. I huffed and pulled on my top and dress, then I ran toward the main chamber of the palace underground. There I found the mentor and Cleopatra. "Cleopatra, what is the meaning of this?" I demanded as I walked up to them. "Abaines has been found guilty of attempting to kill the queen, he is to be mummified." The mentor said. "I did not want this, Mark has more power as the King, he overruled my orders." Cleopatra said sadly. "Please, do something." I pleaded. "I cannot." Cleopatra said. I felt tears welling in my eyes and ran past them, running toward Abaines. "Abaines." I called as I caught sight of them. I ran up and shoved my way through the guards and threw my arms around Abaines' shoulders, kissing him hard. "They can't do this." I said. Abaines smiled. "It is alright, just know that my last memories will be of you, my love." Abaines said sadly. "I will help you get free, we can run away together and never return." I said. Abaines shook his head. "No, that is not the life I want for you, or our child." He said. My eyes widened and I clasped my hands over my abdomen. "What?" I asked. Abaines smiled again and pulled me into him with his chin. I hugged him. "If I am with child, I do not want that child being raised without a father." I said. "You are, but I am afraid I will only see our child from the underworld, standing next to Osiris and Isis." Abaines said. I grabbed his wrist as the guards pulled him away. "No, please." I pleaded. "I am sorry Miss Amunet, the orders were clear." The guard said. "I will always love you Amunet." Abaines said with one last smiled. I fell to my knees and began weeping. Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up to see the mentor. I stood and threw myself into him. His body became tense for a moment and then he hesitantly wrapped his arms around my body. "Sometimes terrible things happen, we must stand strong and stand together." The mentor said. I cried into his shoulder for a few minutes and he rubbed my back. Finally I pulled away and went back to my chambers, and there I stayed, mourning for my lover, the father of my child. I burst awake back in the truck bed. "Times up." Rebecca said. I nodded and climbed back through the truck window. We were driving in the forest when Shaun decided to turn on the truck radio. It was a news channel. "We don't know what is causing this phenomena, some kind of global aurora borealis, just like the one we saw a few years ago." The newsman said. At the mention of the aurora borealis, Shaun, Rebecca, and Desmond's eyes shot to the radio. "Desmond, is that?" Shaun started. "Juno." Desmond said, cutting him off. "We need to get to the mountain." Desmond said. "Desmond, what's going on?" I asked. "Minerva tried to destroy the world, when they did it the first time with the first civilization, there was a global aurora borealis, Juno must be trying to take over, just like she always wanted." Desmond explained. I looked out the window at the sky, I saw the borealis, it was beautiful to look at, I had never seen something so pretty, it had bright green, iridescent blue, orange, hot pink. Suddenly a mass covered my vision, it was a mountain. The truck came to a stop. "What is this place?" I asked. "You'll see." Desmond said as he got out of the truck. I climbed out with him and he guided me over to a small passage way. "Inside, quick." Desmond said. "Desmond, what is this?" I asked. "This is the place Juno tried to kill me." Desmond said. "Come on, down this corridor." Desmond said. We entered a massive room filled with a bright bluish white light. There were strange shapes floating around in the room. We walked through a massive doorway and in front of us was a small sphere with grey cubes on it's exterior. "Where are we, what are all these things?" I asked. Desmond stopped and stared at the sphere as if reminiscing on the past. Desmond swallowed and looked up. "These structures were built by the first civilization, after their destruction, these structures have fallen into disrepair, only ghosts inhabit them now." Desmond said. I walked over to the sphere and started to reach out and touch it. Suddenly Desmond caught my wrist. "No, don't touch it, never touch it." Desmond cautioned. "Why?" I asked. "That's what Juno used to try and kill me." Desmond said. My eyes widened and I hugged Desmond. "I'm so sorry, Desmond." I said. He shook his head. "We need to go, we have to find Juno and get her to stop this." I said. I nodded and we headed toward another corridor. Desmond led us inside and toward a voice calling out from somewhere.
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