Assassin's Creed Ancient Ones

A rebirth of the Past from the Ashes of the Future.


17. Dilemmas

"So, who is Juno?" I asked. Desmond looked up from his computer. "Juno is a Roman goddess, she wants to rule the world, but Minerva wouldn't let her, so she tricked me into helping her take over, however she tried to kill me so I wouldn't stand in her way when I discovered her true intentions." Desmond explained. "So, you foiled her plans?" I asked. Desmond shook his head. "No, not yet." He said. I nodded and Desmond stood. "It's getting late, you should get in a few more hours in the Animus." He said before kissing me. I walked over to the Animus and sat down. "See ya later." Rebecca said. I nodded and passed into unconsciousness. The next morning I woke to find Abaines gone. I stood and re-wrapped my dress around my hips. "Miss Amunet." A guard called. "What is it?" I asked as the guard came into my chambers. "The queen requests your presence." He said. I sighed and walked out. What could she possibly be wanting now? Every morning she called for me, but it was never for a proper reason. I walked into the throne room to find Cleopatra, Mark Anthony, The Mentor, and a few guards. "Yes Cleopatra?" I asked upon entering. "Amunet, we are going to a play tonight, you are welcome to come with us, all we ask is that you bring a partner." The mentor said. I knew who to take. I bowed. "Yes mentor." I said. "If she can find no one else, I will go." Abaines said before emerging from the shadows across the room. I smiled as he came up and wrapped his arm around my shoulders. "Then we are ready." Cleopatra said before we left, heading for the theater. As we walked, Abaines set his hand on the small of my back. I smiled and leaned into his chest. We walked into the theater and found seats with Cleopatra, Mark, and the mentor. "What are we viewing?" I asked as Abaines sat down. "No possible idea." He whispered before smiling at me. I grinned and leaned into his side before taking his hand in mine. Soon torches were lit and a band began to play. A man walked out on stage. "Lords and Ladies, men and women, welcome to the theater." The man called. Everyone began to applaud. In the moment of the applaud, a man in dark robes began to move toward Cleopatra. Only certain people noticed him, all of them assassins. Abaines drew his dagger as did I with mine. Time seemed to slow as the man made his move toward the queen. Abaines lunged, before I could react, and plunged his blade into the man's stomach. I watched as Abaines pulled back his blade, covered in crimson viscera, and again plunged it into the man's stomach. The crowd began to panic as everyone caught sight of the bloody mess of Abaines' kill. The mentor, myself, and the other assassins tried to calm everyone as Mark Anthony and Cleopatra tried to get out of the theater. "Abaines!" I called as he disappeared into the crowd. Several guards caught us and escorted us on the way back to the palace. "My queen, we must put you under full protection." I said as the guards left to guard the entrance to the throne room. Cleopatra and Mark headed into their chambers. I headed into the palace underground. I headed to my chambers and walked in, trying to find my dagger. "Lose something?" Abaines said before limping into the light. "Abaines, oh my love, are you alright?" I exclaimed as I caught sight of him. "I am fine, just a bad landing from the theater roof." He said, waving off my worries for his hurt leg. I sighed and threw my arms around him. "Who was that man?" I asked. Abaines shook his head. "Just some amateur." He spat before sitting down on the edge of my bed. He was covered in blood, so much blood. I poured water over a cloth and began to wipe his skin clean. "The guards believe I was attempting to kill Cleopatra." Abaines said. I waved it off. "The mentor and the others will argue that." I said. Abaines closed his eyes as I wiped the blood off his face. "They may argue it, but they may not win the argument." Abaines said. "Shh, do not speak this way." I said. Abaines sat for a moment and then leaned forward and kissed me. I kissed him back and laid him back on the bed. "Amunet, with the guards blaming me for such a serious crime." He said. "Shh, be still." I said. Abaines unwrapped my dress and pulled my top free of my torso. I smiled and took off Abaines shirt. He rolled me over and unwrapped his skirt. I laid back, my legs spread. Abaines climbed over me and pressed his lips into mine. After moment Abaines entered me. "I have been waiting for this for so long." I said. Abaines began to rock back and forth, sliding in and out of my body. I moaned as Abaines lifted me and leaned back on his heels. I lifted myself up and down on Abaines shaft. I rode him for a few minutes before Abaines laid me back and I turned over onto my hands and knees. Abaines re-entered me and began to thrust himself into me with all his force. Suddenly Abaines came inside me. We fell forward on the bed together and soon fell asleep. I burst awake back in the warehouse. "Certainly took long enough." I spat. "What?" Rebecca asked. "Nothing." I said. I stood and walked into the other room and laid down on the bed. Desmond was already asleep on the bed. I smiled and laid down next to him. "Sleep well handsome prince." I said before laying down and backing up into his body. Desmond grunted in his sleep and wrapped his arm around my abdomen. "Are you awake, Desmond?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. Desmond smiled and chuckled lightly. I rolled over and playfully smacked him. "You ass." I said with a grin. Desmond burst out laughing and sat up. I pushed him back onto the bed and climbed over him. "How long have you been laying like that?" I asked. "Only an hour." He said. "Only an hour, I've been in the Animus for two hours and you've been laying here for half that time?" I asked. He smiled and nodded. "The anticipation is the best Ezio always said." Desmond said with a smile. "Well, Ezio, isn't here, I am." I spat playfully. "True." Desmond said, furrowing his brow sarcastically. I smacked him playfully and he rolled over, pinning me beneath him. "Not all assassins had such a beautiful, playful, pain in the neck as you are to me." Desmond spat sarcastically. I hugged him and pulled his face down into my neck. "Ah, hey, no air, can't breathe." Desmond playfully choked. I let go and he pulled back. He smiled and I kissed him. Even in our more playful moments, I could still sense the pure animal ferocity of his love for me.
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