Assassin's Creed Ancient Ones

A rebirth of the Past from the Ashes of the Future.


22. Curiosity Kills

We walked into another corridor and again were visited by Minerva. "I have done everything I could to stop you, but yet you continue, if you keep following this path then this place will surely become your tomb." She spat at Desmond. "You want to stop Juno as much as we do, just let us do this." Desmond said. Minerva frowned. "Curiosity kills Desmond, it kills everything." She said. Desmond shook his head and we stepped around her. "This will be the death of you, Desmond, you will be destroyed." She called to us. "Like I've never heard that before." Desmond spat without looking back. I looked up at him. "What if she's right this time?" I asked. Desmond stopped and looked down at the floor. "Than I will finally get to join my ancestors in their hall of great assassins." Desmond said with a small grin. My eyes widened and I took a step back. "You want to die?" I asked in growing fear. "I did once, and then I met you." Desmond said before continuing onward. Soon we came into another room. The doorway was open this time. "Yeah, Juno came through here alright." Desmond said. Shaun and Rebecca nodded and we continued on into another corridor. "How far did she go in?" Desmond spat to himself.
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