Assassin's Creed Ancient Ones

A rebirth of the Past from the Ashes of the Future.


8. Blending In

I had grown to like and trust Asgili, his ways were very different from ours, but they seemed to be better as well. Asgili used the environment around him to his advantage, however, he made strange noises when he attacked. He carried strange weapons, a type of sword he called a "Machete" and a small axe, also he carried a bow and arrow as well as a pair of daggers. He made high pitched howls and whoops when he charged an enemy. "Why do you make those strange sounds when you attack?" I asked. Asgili looked at me and raised an eyebrow. "It is just a war cry, my people use it to ready themselves for battle." He said. I nodded. It was a strange concept, but I suppose it made perfect sense to his people and himself. I also noticed that he walked differently than we did. "Why do you walk this way?" I asked, demonstrating the strange toe-heel steps he made. He watched me and then smiled. "We walk in this fashion because we do not want to harm the All Mother." He said. I furrowed my brow. "All Mother?" I asked. He smiled and nodded. "The All Mother is this planet, blessed upon us by The Great Spirit, Yowa." Asgili explained. I nodded. "But how will you harm the All Mother by walking?" I asked. Asgili suddenly looked sad. "If we press our heel into the earth, we will bruise the All Mother, if we use our toes, we will not harm her, this is the way of my people, even on the roads." Asgili said. Nodded and began trying to walk in the same way he did. After a moment I stumbled and Asgili caught me in his muscled arms. He smiled down at me and helped we stand again. "It is difficult to start if you have not walked this way before." He said. I grinned and blushed in embarrassment. "Thank you for catching me." I said. Asgili nodded and took my hand in his to steady me as I continued to mimic his walking style. "Tell me more of your people." I pleaded. Asgili smiled and nodded. "What we hunt and kill, we waste nothing, we eat the flesh, make clothes of the skin, and jewelry of the bones." He said. I nodded and motioned for him to continue. "My people live in clans, there are many families to each clan, if you are to marry anyone, it must be from a different clan, you cannot marry someone from your own clan, even if they are a different family." Asgili explained. I nodded. "We ask for what we take, if we do not ask, it is considered stealing from the All Mother." He said. I furrowed my brow. "What of the land you own, if you take something from your land, is it still considered stealing?" I asked. Asgili shook his head. "We own no land, we own nothing, we belong to the All Mother, she provides and she takes, we have no control over what is on this planet." Asgili said. I nodded. "The Great Spirit has provided this place for us to light our fires, and here we shall remain, for as long as The Great Spirit wishes." Asgili said proudly. I smiled and nodded. "What of after your death, what happens then?" I asked. "We have no heaven, nor do we have a hell, we simply move onto into the next realm of existence." He said. I nodded. I furrowed my brow. No underworld, no Osiris, no Anubis, just nothingness. Asgili and I headed up to the palace. We walked into the throne room and opened the secret passage into the palace underground. We walked into the main room and I was shocked to find my mother standing there with my uncle, talking to the mentor. "Mother, Uncle, what are you doing here!?" I asked. They both turned toward Asgili and I. "Hello Amunet." My mother said. "We came to ask you to return home." My uncle said. "I am sorry Mister Ukani, she cannot leave the order." The mentor said. "Enough of your nonsense." My uncle shouted to the mentor. As soon as he finished his sentence, several assassins appeared with their swords or daggers drawn. Even Asgili and Abaines drew their weapons. My uncle and my mother turned in surprise and fear. The mentor raised his hands. "Lower your weapons." He said. The other assassins bowed and sheathed their blades. "Mother, Uncle, this was my choice, I will not compromise the brotherhood, I took an oath." I said, raising my right hand to show them my missing digit. My mother threw her hand over her mouth. My uncle glared. "Fine, if this is the way you want to live, then take this back." My uncle spat as he threw a small basket at me. I caught it and heard a loud hissing from within. I quickly tore the lid off the basket and smiled at the sight of Thoth inside. I slid my hand inside and let Thoth wrap around my arm. "I am sorry mother, uncle, but I chose this, we need to return the world to what it once was." I said. My mother began to weep before throwing her arms around me. My uncle kept his features hard as he tried to hold back tears. I lifted my snake-free arm and waved for him to come over. He deliberately walked over and hugged my mother and I. "I have to live my own life, you two have raised me as best as any parents could, if not better, but this is the life I have chosen." I explained. They nodded and pulled away. "I hope it is the right choice." My uncle said. "It is." I said. They nodded and then left the palace. "Was it the right choice?" I asked. Asgili and Abaines came over to me. Asgili set his hand on my shoulder and Abaines on my cheek. "It was the right choice." The mentor said. "But perhaps not the right time." Asgili said. I nodded and hugged Asgili and Abaines. I burst awake back in the warehouse. "Time's up." Rebecca said as I stood. I nodded and walked over to Shaun. "Hey Shaun, I was wondering." I said. "Yeah, what is it?" He asked. "Um, how many Pieces of Eden are there?" I asked. Shaun shrugged. "We only know about a few of them, The Skull, The Apple, The Shroud, The Amulet, The Ankh, The Eye." I held my hand up for him to pause. "That's the one, The Eye, Asgili said he was in Egypt looking for The Eye." I said. "Well good luck finding that, my ancestor, Connor Kenway, destroyed it in 1778." Desmond said. I turned to him. "Destroyed it?" I asked. Desmond nodded. "Yeah, and we used The Amulet to open a door a long time ago, so that's gone too." Desmond said. I furrowed my brow. "What door?" I asked. Desmond blinked and quickly turned back to his computer. I was getting a feeling that they were hiding something from me. I didn't know what it was and I was afraid of what it might be. I walked up set my hands on Desmond's shoulders. "If you don't want to talk about, that's okay." I said before kissing his cheek. He set his hand on one of mine and glanced over his shoulder. "I don't like keeping secrets from you, but we all have secrets, the ones we keep, and the ones that are kept from us." He said. I smiled and kissed his cheek again before turning back to Shaun. "So, you think there's more Pieces of Eden still out there?" I asked. Shaun shrugged. "Maybe, and maybe not." He said. I nodded and went back to the makeshift bedroom around the corner. I threw myself down on the bed and fell asleep. A few hours later, I woke up to a rustling in the blankets. I sat up to see Desmond climbing into be with me. "We never did get to finish what we started a few hours ago." He said. I smiled and opened the blankets for him. He climbed under the covers and wrapped his arm over my bust. "See, this isn't so bad." He said before kissing me. I pulled back and hooked my leg behind his. "Not so bad at all." I said. I kissed him and slid my tongue into his mouth.
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