Assassin's Creed Ancient Ones

A rebirth of the Past from the Ashes of the Future.


1. Birth of A Master

Prologue My name is Sioula. I was kidnapped by an organization called Abstergo. I had heard about the Animus, but I had never seen one. I don't why they took me, but I have a feeling I am going to find out. This is my story. Chapter 1 Birth of A Master I woke up to the sound of the mechanical doors of my cell opening. "What do you want with me!?" I asked as a pair of guards came in. A man in a white lab coat came in behind them. "It's alright, we aren't going to hurt you." He said. Suddenly the guards grabbed my arms and started to drag me out of the cell. I fought them, kicking screaming, and biting. "Let me go!" I screamed. "Hey, take it easy, we don't want to hurt you." One of the guards said. They dragged me over to a table and picked me up. I fought even more as the forced me down on the table and strapped my arms down. "Calm down now, if this doesn't go right, you could get hurt really badly." The lab coat man said. He tapped some buttons and a piece of glass wrapped across my eye sight. The table started to whir as it powered up. Suddenly I began to feel tired, my eyes were getting heavy and soon I passed into unconsciousness. Visions blurred across my mind's eye and suddenly I saw a woman. She was in labor. "Push!" A midwife shouted. It was in Egyptian, but not modern, it was an ancient dialect. The woman screamed in pain and suddenly I could hear a baby crying. The woman smiled and the midwife grinned as she wrapped the baby in a blanket. "It is a girl." The midwife said. The woman smiled and held her arms out. The midwife nodded and handed the baby to the woman. "What will her name be?" The midwife said. "Amunet, the woman said, her name will be Amunet." The midwife smiled and suddenly I burst back into the present. "That's it, she's the one." The lab coat man said with a malicious smile. Suddenly alarms began to go off and red lights flashed throughout the room. "What the hell's going on?" The lab coat man asked. I turned my head to see the guard. He had his fingers to the side of his head on a headset. "We have a security breach, it's Miles." He said. "Dammit, the lab coat man said, Subject Seventeen always was trouble." Suddenly the doors creaked as a crowbar pried them open. The guards raised their rifles up toward the door. "Get ready." One of them said. Suddenly the doors flew open and a man in a white hoodie rolled inside. The guards fired their guns and the man flew under the spray of bullets. He jumped up and slashed open one of the guard's throats. The other guard swung at the man with his rifle. The man ducked and shoved a blade into the guard's stomach. The guard dropped to his knees and then the floor. I turned my head to look at the lab coat man. He held his hands up in surrender but the man just slashed his throat open with out hesitation. Then the man turned to me. "Please, please don't hurt me." I said as I tried to pull my arms free of the straps. "It's okay, I'm not going to hurt you, why did they take you?" The man asked as he slashed the arm straps. "I don't know." I said. I sat up and the man put his hands on my shoulders. "Who did you see in there?" He asked. "What?" I asked. "In the Animus, what was the baby's name?" He asked. "It was an Ancient Egyptian name, Amunet I think." I stammered. The man took a step back. "Amunet, are you positive?" He asked. I nodded. "Alright then, we need to get you out of here, what's your name?" He asked. "Sioula." I said. "Okay, Sioula, my name is Desmond." The man said. "Desmond?" I said. "Yes, we need to get out of here, do you know how to use a taser?" He asked. I nodded and stood. "Yes, my father runs a farm, we use cattle prods sometimes." I said. Desmond nodded and handed me a taser. "Let's go." He said. We headed back for the door when a pair of guards came around the corner at the far end of the hall. "Move." Desmond shouted as he pushed me out of the way of a wave of bullets. I flew back behind the corner and saw Desmond run toward the guards. He ran up the wall and a blade shot from his wrist. He dove off the wall and fell onto the guards. The blade on his wrist stabbed into one of the guard's necks. I ran in after Desmond and tazzed the other guard before he could react. "Thanks." Desmond said. Then he swept my legs and picked me up. He was very strong for a man of his size. He ran while carrying me in his arms. Soon we got through a maze of hallways and into the parking garage. Then we were ambushed by more guards. Desmond put me down and handed me a large knife. "Here, that taser of yours won't help you now." He said. I reached out with a shaking hand and took it from him. "We have you surrounded, drop your weapons or we will use deadly force." One of the guards said. "You don't know what deadly is." Desmond said. Desmond shot his arm straight and the blade on his arm shot out again. Suddenly a car horn honked somewhere in the garage and the guards looked around. That's when Desmond made his move. He ran forward and shoved his blade into the main guard's chest. He stabbed the guard two more times and then twisted the guard's body in front of him. One of the other guards shot just in time to shoot Desmond's body shield. Desmond grabbed the dead guard's pistol and shot the other guard. Then he snapped the dead guard's neck and shot two other guards. Desmond ran forward and stabbed another guard in the chest, then he put the barrel of the pistol under the guard's chin and fired two shots. Desmond dropped the gun and pulled his blade free. I stood looking on in horror at the terrible scene. Suddenly something grabbed my leg. I looked down and screamed at the sight of a wounded guard. "Help me Desmond." I shouted. "No, he said in response, you have to do this yourself." I shook my head. "I can't." I said. "You'll have to if you want to survive." He said. I cried as I lifted up my arm and slammed my knife into the guard's neck. I let go of the knife handle and let the guard slowly fall flat on the ground. Desmond walked over to me and wiped a tear off my cheek. "It's okay, I know it was hard, it's always hard to kill." He said. Suddenly a truck pulled up and a man and a woman got out. "Desmond, are you okay?" The woman asked. Desmond waved it off. "I found her guys, I found Amunet's descendant." Desmond said. "Amunet, are you positive?" The man said. "I'm sure Shaun." Desmond said. "Desmond, what are you talking about?" I asked. Desmond turned. "Sioula, I need you to understand something, the people who took you, Abstergo, they're just a front for the Templar order." He said. "Templar?" I asked. "They have been in existence since the birth of Christ, we are members of the Assassins." Desmond said. "What does this have to do with me?" I asked. "The Templars want to rule the world, the Assassins fight against them." Desmond said. "Why haven't they done it yet?" I asked. "Look, said the man from the truck, we'd love to sit and chat but we kind of have an escape to finish here, so can we go, Hm?" We nodded and got in the truck. After we started driving I continued our conversation. "So, why haven't they taken over yet?" I asked. "Because, they need to find the Pieces of Eden, we have the Apple, the Spear, and the Shroud, but they have the Skull, the one thing neither of us have is the one thing Amunet can help us find." He said. "What?" I asked. "The Ankh." Desmond said. I nodded. "Amunet was Egyptian, so that does make sense." I said. Desmond nodded as we pulled into the driveway of an old warehouse.
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