Assassin's Creed Ancient Ones

A rebirth of the Past from the Ashes of the Future.


13. Beginning of The End

"So, what's in the box?" I asked as I sat down in Desmond's lap. He wrapped his arms around my waist and squeezed me in his arms. I choked playfully. "Choking, not breathing." I said between fake coughs. Desmond laughed and rubbed my abdomen. "What's in the box the vision asked me." He said in a fake English accent. "I will tell the vision what lies within the strange box of mystery." He continued before standing. We walked over to the box and Desmond popped the lid. As the box opened, I heard a small hissing. Desmond smiled and reached inside. He waited a minute and pulled his arm free. My jaw dropped when I saw what was wrapped around it. It was a Python. He smiled and held his arm out to me. I reached out and the Python slithered off of Desmond's arm and onto mine. "I got him to make you feel more at home with your memories." Desmond said. I smiled as the snake flicked it's tongue out at me. Then I remembered what Amunet did with her Asp. I mimicked the snake's tongue with my own. "See, you guys are already starting to like each other." Desmond said. I smiled and put the Python back in it's box. "Thanks Desmond." I said. He nodded and kissed my forehead before sitting back down at his computer. I walked back over to the Animus and sat down. "Great, one more mouth to feed." Shaun spat from his desk. "Shaun, remember what I told you a few days ago about shutting your mouth?" Rebecca said. Shaun sighed and held his hands up in surrender. Rebecca started up the Animus and once again, passed into the life of Amunet. I woke early the next morning to find Thoth slithering out the door of my chambers. I jumped up and quickly followed him. "Thoth, come back here." I hissed as he simply slithered faster down the corridor. For a snake, he was very fast. Thoth reached the end of the corridor in only a few seconds, I following close behind him. "Thoth, do not ignore me, come back this instant." I hissed again. Thoth turned the corner and started heading for Cleopatra's dressing chambers. I reached down to grab his tail, but he was to quick and I missed. He slithered through the doorway of Cleopatra's chambers and I quickly padded across the room, trying not to wake Mark Anthony, still asleep in his bed. Thoth stopped just short of the dressing chambers and I grabbed his tail. He hissed as I picked him up. "Shh, I hissed, speak kindly." Suddenly I heard voices coming from the room ahead. I peeked around the doorway as Thoth wrapped himself around my arms. Inside stood Cleopatra with two of the other slave hand maidens. "Bring me my dress, the black one." Cleopatra spat. The hand maidens nodded and quickly headed back to the dresses Cleopatra had hanging behind her. They brought back the black dress and shakily put it around her slender body. They tied it to her body with different gold ropes and leather belts. "Come, come, I have not all day." Cleopatra spat to the man who was to cover her face with make up. The man bowed and began drawing the classic Egyptian lines on her eyes. Then he painted her lips with red paint. I glared at the fake beauty she held. "Isis herself would be jealous of your beauty." One of the hand maidens said hesitantly. "Enough of your Egyptian gods, the correct term is, Aphrodite would be jealous." Cleopatra spat before flirtatiously smiling at herself in the reflective gold plate before her. Suddenly I felt hands on my hips. I jumped and glanced over my shoulder to find Mark Anthony. "Greetings, vision before me." He whispered sensually in my ear. I swallowed hard as he nuzzled my neck and explored my body with his hands. I couldn't worry about him, I was more worried about why Cleopatra would have been awake at such an hour. Suddenly I felt Mark's hand between my thighs. I jumped as he slid his fingers inside me. I still had to fight slapping his face. One; he was the king and two; I didn't want to be caught spying on Cleopatra. "Bring me The Ankh." Cleopatra spat to one of the hand maidens. My eyes widened as one of the hand maidens handed her something folded in cloth. Cleopatra took it and opened the cloth. Something from within glowed into her eyes. She smiled and closed the cloth before wedged it in the folds of her dress. She turned and headed out a separate exit from the room, followed by the hand maidens. I had lost my chance at getting the Piece of Eden we needed. Suddenly Mark slammed his shaft inside my body. I jumped as he pulled me away from the door way and onto the bed with him. I didn't want to do this, but maybe he knew something of The Ankh and most men spill even the most important information when enticed with a bribe of the flesh. I climbed on top of Mark and let him slid his full length into me. I sat for a moment and then began to rock back and forth, sliding him in and out of me. I began to give fake moans as I rode him. "My King, what is that trinket Cleopatra carries with her?" I asked between moans. "The Ankh?" He asked before giving a harsh thrust into me. I gave loud, fake moan and nodded. "It was passed down from the mythical queen Isis after she used it to bring Osiris back from the dead." He said. It sickened me to have him inside me, but an assassin has to be resourceful as well as deadly. "Why would Isis bring Osiris back from the land of the dead?" I asked before Mark slammed himself into me again. "For the exact same thing." He said before smacking his hand into my butt. I gave a fake moan and laid forward onto his chest while he pounded me. "But why?" I asked. "That is enough talking." He said before rolling me over onto my hands and knees. He slammed himself into me and began to pound me even harder. I gave fake moans in unison with his grunts and thrusts. He ran his hands over me hips and butt. Then he leaned forward and nuzzled my neck again. Suddenly he came inside me. I moaned and he pulled himself out of me after a few more hard thrusts. I laid next to him on the bed while he pressed his face into my bust. I laid there for a few minutes and then I rolled off the bed and walked out. I walked down to the throne room and into the passage to the palace underground. I had let myself be taken by a vile, disgusting man for nearly no reason at all. I walked up to the mentor. "Mentor, I found where Cleopatra is hiding The Ankh of Eden." I said. The mentor furrowed his brow. "How did you discover this?" He asked after I saw Thoth wrapped around his arms. I took Thoth and stared at the floor. "Ah, through Mark." He said. I jumped and nodded. "Well, that is resourceful." He said. "I will never do it, or him again, it was an act of desperation that got me nothing." I spat. The mentor nodded. "I will simply have to get closer to Cleopatra to discover what is needed." I said. The mentor nodded again. "Never the less, you have not failed us in these last few months, for that you are to become a master." He said. I blinked and let my mouth drop open. "A Master!?" I asked in surprise. He nodded. "You will be working closer with Abaines and you will have new clothing and weapons." He said. I nodded. "You will have your new items in your chambers tomorrow." He said. I bowed and walked away. I burst awake back in the warehouse. "I found The Ankh." I said. Rebecca nodded. "I know, we picked it up when Amunet was close to it." She said. "Cleopatra carried it on her person." I said. "But it wasn't in her tomb when her mummy was discovered." Shaun said. I nodded. Suddenly I noticed the TV was on a news channel. "This new mummy found in Egypt has been named apparently." The newsman said. "On the sarcophagus was the name Abaines, carved in Ancient Egyptian, it will be sent to the Natural History Museum in New York, it is supposed to arrive in three weeks, anyone who likes Ancient Egypt will be awaiting it's arrival." The newsman said. "Abaines." I whispered. "What?" Desmond spoke up. I jumped. "Nothing." I said.
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