Assassin's Creed Ancient Ones

A rebirth of the Past from the Ashes of the Future.


5. A Show of Loyalty

We pulled into the parking lot of a movie theater. "Desmond?" I asked. "It's okay, the others can wait, today I'm treating you to a true date." He said with a smirk. He pulled the hood of his hoodie up and climbed out. Then he came around to my side and opened the door. He grabbed my waist, just above my hips, and lifted me out of the truck. He put me down and grabbed a black hoodie out of the back of the truck. "Here, I don't know how well it'll fit you, it's an old one of mine." He said as he handed it to me. I smiled and pulled it on. It matched his in every way but the reversed colors. I pulled the hood up over my head and he took my hand in his. We walked up toward the movie theater when I caught sight of some police officers. "Desmond?" I whispered. He squeezed my hand. "Don't worry, they haven't noticed us yet." He said. We slipped past them and looked at the movies that were showing. "Which one do you want to see?" He asked. I looked at each of them until I saw a movie that kind of interested me. "What about that one?" I asked. Desmond looked at it and smiled. "The Darker Path?" He asked. I nodded. It seemed like something to see, it was about an Assassin who was trying to hide his identity from his family. "Okay then." He said. We headed inside and went up to the ticket booth. "Two tickets for The Darker Path." Desmond said. "Okay, that will be twenty-nine fifty." The ticket booth woman said. Desmond nodded and gave the woman a fifty dollar bill and a couple quarters. The woman looked on in shock and then gave him a twenty and a ten. Desmond nodded and took the change, then he grabbed our tickets and handed one to me. "Theater Twelve." The ticket woman said. Desmond nodded and we walked down to the theater. "Desmond, where did you get all that cash?" I asked. He grinned and kissed me. "What, you don't think we Assassins have day jobs?" He asked. I smiled and hugged him as we went into the theater. The theater was packed, we were lucky enough to get a pair of seats together. We sat, holding hands, and watched the movie. It wasn't all that it was chalked up to be, but it was still pretty good. We left the theater and found that the whole building was empty, only the people from our theater and us were left. "Where is everyone?" I asked. Desmond shot his arm straight and ejected his hidden blade from beneath his hoodie sleeve. "I don't know, but I have a feeling we're going to find out." Desmond said. "Here, get in my bag and grab the other hidden blade, or the taser blade if you want." Desmond continued. I nodded and unzipped his bag. I reached inside and grabbed a hidden blade, there was another blade inside, but it was different in some ways. I pulled out the hidden blade and pulled it on over my wrist. I strapped it down and shot my arm out like Desmond. The blade shot out and I looked at it, then I let it retract. I quickly grabbed the other blade and zipped up Desmond's bag. I pulled the other blade on and ejected it. A two pronged blade shot out and group of blue electric bolts shot back and forth across the prongs. "What is this?" I asked as the blade retracted. "It's a taser blade, newest form of the hidden blades." Desmond said. I nodded and dropped into a defensive position as glass broke in the front windows of the theater. A team of cops came through the broken windows and aimed their guns at us. "You, hands on your head." One of them shouted. That's when I realized, they didn't have their guns aimed at us, they had them trained on Desmond. "Is there a problem officer?" Desmond asked sarcastically. "You are under arrest for the murders of seven security guards and Dr. Fredric Starman at Abstergo testing facilities two days ago, also for the kidnapping of a young woman named Sioula." The cop rattled off. Desmond smirked. "If you want Sioula, you should come and get her." Desmond said, nodding toward me. The cops looked between us and then the lead cop lowered his rifle. "Miss, come with us, we need to get you to safety." He said. One of the cops began to walk toward me when Desmond made his move. Desmond lunged and disarmed the cop, then he spun the cop's body and put his hidden blade to the cop's throat. The other cops raised their rifles. "Stand down." The lead cop commanded. "Now that I have your attention, Miss Sioula and I were having a nice time at the movies before you so rudely interrupted us." Desmond said. The cops looked between Desmond and his body shield. "Sir, please put the knife down." The lead cop said. Desmond smiled. "I can't do that." He said. Suddenly he pushed the cop into the others and threw down a smoke bomb. I started choking as I inhaled the smoke. It burned my lungs to breath in the dark fog. Suddenly a hand grabbed mine and dragged me through the glass of the front windows. I was dragged back out to the truck. "Get in." Desmond shouted as he opened the truck door and threw up into the seat. I continued to choke while Desmond got in the other side and slammed the the keys into the ignition and started the engine. We sped away for miles until we were out of the city. "Sioula, are you okay?" Desmond asked. I coughed and nodded. Suddenly the truck slowed and pulled off to the side of the road. Desmond lifted my face and splashed water in my eyes. "Open your eyes." Desmond said. I opened my eyes just as he poured water into them. I shook my head and blinked the water out of my eyes. "Better?" Desmond asked. I nodded. "Okay let's go." Desmond said. He started up the truck and we headed over to a fast food place. Desmond drove into the drive through. "Hello welcome to Burger World, can I take your order?" The drive through guy said. "Um, four burgers and three fries, two Cokes, one Sprite, and an iced tea." Desmond rattled off. "Thirteen twenty-seven at the second window." The drive through guy said. Desmond nodded and slowly drove up. "Hide your face." Desmond said as he pulled a scarf over his nose and mouth. I nodded and turned to the opposite side of the window. "Here you go, sir." The guy said. Desmond nodded and handed him the cash. We got our food and took off, heading for home. On the way, Desmond took off his scarf, grabbed the iced tea and started drinking it. "The iced tea was yours?" I asked. He grinned. "Not all badass assassins drink fountain drinks and alcohol." Desmond said. We stopped at a gas station to fill up the tank, I watched from the truck as Desmond paid for the gas and quietly swiped a random book from the rack. He headed back out and climbed in the truck. "Ready?" He asked. I nodded and we sped away. We rode in silence until we pulled into the warehouse parking lot. I got out and we headed inside. "What took you so long?" Shaun asked as we came in. "Aw, you know, traffic problems." Desmond said sarcastically as he handed Shaun the book from the gas station. I grinned and headed back over to Rebecca and the Animus.
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