Be Mine Tonight

Senior year comes around for Renee. What happens when she meets the new Irish exchange student?


3. The Perfect Night

Renee arrived at school the next day  with a huge smile on her face. She walked up to Niall. "Good Morning.  Someone looks happy this morning." He said. 
"It's such a happy day." She smiled. 
"Does this have anything with me coming over tonight for dinner?" He teased her. 
"Nooo." She laughed. 
"I take that to really be a yes." 
"What makes you say that?" She smirked. 
"Oh nothing." He laughed. 
The bell rang for class to start and they said their good byes. 
*after school*
"Hey do you wanna ride with me to my class? It's be easier." Renee asked Niall.
"Yeah. Sounds cool." 
They went out to her car when Niall just stopped walking. 
"What?" Renee asked. 
"This is a freaking awesome car."
"Haha thanks. Now get in."
They arrived at her house with her mom and dad cooking dinner in the kitchen. 
"Mom! Dad! I'm home. Well we're home!" 
"Hi sweetie!"
"How was school?" 
"It's school. Does that say anything?" She laughed. 
"We'll dinner is finished. Lets eat!"
"You read my mind!" Niall laughed. 
While everyone was eating Renee couldn't help but to look at Niall every so often during all the laughter and good times. "He is amazing. I hope Mom and Dad like him. Maybe this can go somewhere. Maybe." She thought to herself. Once dinner was finished, it came time for Niall to leave. 
"I'll take you home, Niall" Renee said. 
"Thanks. Well it was nice to meet you guys. Dinner was great Mr. and Mrs. Blake. Thanks again." He said before walking out the door and headed to Niall's house. As they pulled into the driveway, Niall stopped. He looked at Renee with his blue eyes. 
"Renee, there's been something I've been wanting to say to you ever since we met."
"What is it?" 
"I want you. I really like you." 
She was so shocked. 
"Do me a favor. Be mine. Tonight tell me that you'll be my girl. Please."
She was so happy. 
"Niall, you have no idea how happy I am to say yes. I feel the same way. I've liked you ever since you walked me to class. Of coarse I'll be yours." 
"Oh my gosh! Really? Wow that went better than I planned. I was so worried you would say no. Well I better get inside before my folks start to worry. Bye." He said with a smile. 
"Bye. Good night." Renee said. 
He paused before he got out of the car. He looked her in the eyes and kissed her. "Good night." He said leaving the car and went inside. 
"Wow," she said to herself, "tonight was so.... Perfect." 

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