Be Mine Tonight

Senior year comes around for Renee. What happens when she meets the new Irish exchange student?


4. Possible Good News

Renee arrived at home with a smile on her face. "Good night! Love you!" She shouted to her parents as she headed to her room. 
"I wonder what she's so happy about?" Her dad said. 
"Dear can't you tell? A girl only smiles like that when she gets asked out by her crush. Niall must have asked her." Her mom explained. 
"I knew there was a reason she was so excited to bring him home tonight. And I wondered why she kept looking at him."
"Ha men are so unaware of female hints."

*the next morning*

Renee was just about to head out the door for school when her mom stopped her. 
"So how did things go last night?" Her mom asked. 
"Mom you were at dinner weren't you? You know how it went." Renee laughed. 
"That's not what I mean dear. I meant when you took him home."
"Oh. Yeah. Umm." 
"So he did ask you out?"
"How did you know?"
"I used to be your age once. I know how a girl acts when things happen. Your dad on the other hand had no idea. I'm happy for you sweetie. He's a sweet guy. Your dad and I like him. Now I'll see you after school. I love you. Have a great day."
"Love you too mom."
She headed out the door and went to Niall's house to pick him up. 
"Good morning beautiful." He greeted her. 
"Good morning." She said. "So my parents know. About us. Haha. I didn't even have to tell them. Mom noticed last night when I got home." 
"Really? What did she say?"
"They like you." She smiled. 
"Great!" He rejoiced. 
They pulled into the school parking lot and headed into the building. They stopped by each other'a locker before class. Nevaeh came running up to Renee.
"Hey speed racer. What's going on?"
"Oh nothing. I need to talk to you." Nevaeh said. "Alone." She hinted Niall. 
"Okay well I will see you at lunch. Bye." He said and kissed Renee on the cheek. 
"Bye." She said. "So what do you need to talk to me about?"
"Weeeeellllll..." Nevaeh drew out. "I heard that you and a certain someone were going out. Is it true?" 
"We'll now it is. Who told you that?" 
"Well someone said they saw you two last night kiss in your car as they drove by."
"Yeah that's when he asked me out. So what? There's nothing wrong with it."
"I was just asking. I'm so happy for you! He is a cutie. He's definitely a keeper."
"Haha and he's my cutie." They laughed as they headed to class. 

*at lunch*

"Hey babe." Niall greeted Renee. 
"Hey. How is your day so far?"
"Eh. Classes are boring. You?"
"About the same. I'm just glad it's lunch."
"Me too. I'm so hungry."
They ate their lunches when the principal came up to them. 
"Mr. Horan? May I speak to you?"
Renee wondered what they were talking about. When he returned he acted as if nothing happened. 
"What was that about?" 
"Oh nothing. Just about my exchange program. No big deal." 
"That's right. You're only here this year aren't you?" She asked kind of sad. 
"Well that's what we were talking about. I'll be graduating from here and I would like to stay over here for my college education. So I talked to the program about me staying over here. I love it here. Especially with you. I met you after I asked to stay. So far it's a yes that I can stay."
"Oh my god! That's awesome!" She hugged him. 
"But I'll get my final answer next week. Fingers crossed."
"This day couldn't get any better." She thought to herself with a smile on her face. 

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