Be Mine Tonight

Senior year comes around for Renee. What happens when she meets the new Irish exchange student?


9. Plan B

** 2 weeks later **

Renee arrived to school to see a slightly happy Niall. "Why is that boy so happy?" she thought to herself.

"Hey babe." Niall greeted her.

"Hey. What are you so happy about this morning?"

"Well my brother, Greg and his fiancée came in a couple weeks ago."

"That's cool." Renee fake smiled.

"Well it is very exciting right now. He actually heard me upset about this whole situation the night he came in. He feels so bad that it is happening. I explained what was going on. He got to thinking and he has an idea that he wants to share with us." he grinned.

"Really? Niall this could be a good thing. But only if my parents agree to whatever his idea is. Which that alone will take a lot of convincing"

"I don't care how long it takes. I can't let you leave me."

Niall's phone starts to ring.

"Hello? .... Yeah? ...... Really? .... Seriously? ...... Yeah. Yeah. We'll meet you after school! ...... Okay. Thanks Bro! I owe you one!" he says hanging up. "That was Greg. After school we have to meet him at my house. He has something he wants to show us."

"By the sounds of it, it sounds like some good news."

"Oh it is. But it's a surprise for you at least."

** after school **

"Ready to go? Greg is probably waiting on us."

"Yupp. Let's go."

The drive to his house was full of silence and excitement all at the same time. "What could this possibly be?" They arrived at Niall's house to see an excited Greg waiting on the front porch.


"Greg!" they both shouted at each other.

"So this must be the lucky Renee I have heard much about." Greg said hugging Renee.

"I am. And you must be Greg. Niall has told me about you as well. Probably not as much as you know about me." they laughed.

They headed inside while Greg and Niall chatted quietly to each other.

"So Renee. Niall told me about your situation. Well I would like to introduce you to Plan B." Greg says passing over a picture of a cute little apartment down the street from her school.

"Plan B?" Renee said slightly confused.

"I talked to my fiancée, my parents, and your parents last week. This didn't become official until this past weekend."

"Okay? Go on?"

"Well get in my car both of you." Greg said as they headed out the door.

They drove up to the place in the picture Greg gave Renee. It was a cute little place perfect for one or two people. There were other ones like it al in the same neighborhood. brown rooftops with an almost tan color to the sides of the house. Each yard was decorated with a little fence surrounding the perimeter of their property.

"Here we are." Greg said. "Let's step inside."

They all headed inside only to be greeted by both of their families as well as Nevaeh and her family. "Welcome home!" they all shouted.

"Home? Greg. You didn't." Niall said.

"I did. I couldn't stand seeing my baby brother so upset. I knew there was something that could be done. The apartment is in my name. Mom and Dad agreed to pay for the electric and the water bills. Renee's parents agreed to pay the rent and trash bills. There are two bedrooms, and bathroom, a nice sized kitchen, and dining room, and a basement with a washer and dryer. The furniture we just bought earlier in the week. While you guys were helping Renee pack over the weekend, we were all here at various times taking care of your new place." Greg said as he saw Renee start to tear up.

"I can't believe this. Mom. Dad. I love you guys so much." she said as she hugged her parents tight.

"Well your father and I agreed that since it was your senior year and because we trust you so much, we thought it would be okay. We will send you money for rent and trash bills and any other money you may need. Just let us know. And we will make sure to call before we ever come over to visit." her mom told her almost starting to cry.

Niall looked at his parents with much excitement. "And Niall, we will be only be a few streets down the road if you guys ever need anything."

"Thanks Mom. Thanks Dad. And Greg, thanks a lot. You are the best brother ever."

"Anytime little brother. The land lord said that the insurance on this place is taken care of. If anything happens, it is covered and anything that is broken, destroyed, or stolen will be replaced."

"I must be dreaming." Renee thought to herself with a huge smile on her face.

Time passed as everyone said their goodbyes. Greg came back later with both Renee's and Niall's belongings. After they completely unpacked, they both showered and headed to bed.


"Yes Niall?"

"I love you."

"I love you too. Good night." Renee said as she went into her bedroom with a huge smile on her face. It  was the happiest day of her life.

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