Be Mine Tonight

Senior year comes around for Renee. What happens when she meets the new Irish exchange student?


6. Making Plans

Renee woke up hoping that whole ordeal was a dream. Unfortunately it wasn't. "Renee! Breakfast!" Her mom shouted from downstairs.  Renee pulled her hair back and headed down to the kitchen. 
"So are you gonna talk to Nevaeh and Niall today? About the possible move?"
"Well I was hoping that was a dream, but since it wasn't, yeah I'll talk to them."
"When your father wakes up I'll talk to him about what we discussed last night. I'll text you if he agrees to it."
"Thanks mom."
"Well since you're finished, go get ready for school and I'll see if your dad is awake."

•30 mins later•

"Mom I'll see you after school!"
"Okay sweetie have fun! Love you! Have a good day!" She shouted from the kitchen. 
"Love you too!" Renee shouted as she headed out the door. 
She pulled into Niall's driveway to pick him up. She honked the horn. "I'm comin' I'm comin'!" He laughed. He got in the car and kissed her on the cheek. 
"Good Morning, Beautiful." 
"Good Morning." 
"You okay? You act like something's bugging you."
"I'm okay. I'll explain at school to you and Nevaeh."
"Okay." He said slightly confused. 

•at school•

"Hey Renee!"
"Nevaeh! Just this girl I needed to talk to. I need to talk to you and Niall about something."
"Uh what is it? Do you know?" She asked Niall.
"I have no idea. She said she wanted to wait till you were around." 
"Well this is hard to say.." Renee trailed off. 
"What's wrong?" Niall asked worried. 
"I may have to move.. To.. To London."
"London?? As in England??" Nevaeh said. 
"Yes. And supposed to in 3 weeks.."
"Why.." Niall said sounding very upset. 
"My dad's job. His boss wants him to go to England to expand the business internationally."
"This isn't fair!" Niall said, "I just got you and now I may lose you? I can't lose you."
"Well my mom and I may have a solution. Only if one or both of your parents agreed." She said to both of them. 
"What? I would do anything to get you to stay." Niall asked anxiously. 
"Well my mom and I were talking and she's gonna talk to dad about it. If I can get maybe Nevaeh's parents to agree, simply because she's my best friend, I could stay if I have somewhere to stay. I said Nevaeh because she's a girl and I don't think Dad would agree to me living with my boyfriend while he's away."
"Oh my gosh! I'll ask my mom now!" Nevaeh said running with her phone in her hand. 
"I really hope you can stay babe." Niall said kissing her forehead. 
"Me too. I just have to see what her mom says and if my dad would agree to it. Well I better head to class. See ya later babe." She said kissing Niall. 
"See ya at lunch."

•Lunch time•

"So what did your mom say?" Renee asked. 
"Well we have to talk about it when I get home."
"Ugh but I have to know today."
"I know. But I will try to let you know tonight."
"Thanks dear."

•after school•

Renee headed home after dropping Niall off. Her phone starts to go off. Nevaeh texted her. 

"Hey chicky! I talked to my mom! She's not sure if you can stay. She trusts you and all but she said its too busy at the house with everything going on. Sorry :/ "

"Great." She thought to herself. 
"Hey mom?" She called her mom. 
"Yeah sweetie?" Her mom replied. 
"I'll be home in like 20 mins. I have to go back to Niall's real quick. I'll explain when I get home. Love you." She said hanging up. 

•Niall's House• 

*knock knock*
"Oh hey babe." Niall said answering the door. "What's wrong?" 
"Nevaeh's mom said no. Can I see if your mom would let me stay?" 
"Yeah. She'll be home soon. We can chill here for now."
"Thanks babe." Renee said gratefully. 

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