Be Mine Tonight

Senior year comes around for Renee. What happens when she meets the new Irish exchange student?


5. I'm Not Going

"Something just doesn't feel right." Renee said to herself. Everything seemed so perfect in her life, but almost too perfect. "Maybe I'm just paranoid." She thought again. She headed to her next class after lunch. Nevaeh was telling her all about the new guy she liked, but all she could think about was Niall. He was all she could think about in all of her classes.  She couldn't think about anything else but him. She began to feel like she was falling in love with him. When the end of the day rolled around, she met Niall at her locker. 
"Are you okay, babe?" He asked her. 
"Yeah. I just feel like something bad is gonna happen. I have that gut feeling that it's gonna happen and I'm not sure what it is or when it will happen."
"Well whatever it is, I'm sure everything will be okay. I'll be here for you." He said and he kissed her cheek softly. 
"Thanks babe."
They headed to the car and went to Niall's house to drop him off. He kissed her goodbye and headed inside. She headed home after dropping Niall off and when she walked in the door, her parents were waiting for her in the living room. 
"Sweetie we need to talk to you." Her mother said. 
"What is it? Why do you guys look so serious?" 
"We have some news for you. It may be good or bad. Depending on how you look at it." Her dad said. 
"Well you see sweetheart your dad has to get relocated to another city for his job. They want to send us to the UK on and international expansion of his company for 6 months."
"Which means we all have to move to London." 
"What?! No! I don't wanna go! What about school? It's my senior year! What about my friends? What about Niall? We just got together and I have never felt like this with anyone ever before!" Renee cried. "How long till we have to move?"
"We have 3 weeks." Her dad replied. 
"3 weeks?! Ugh. I knew something bad was gonna happen today.." She trailed off. "I'm going to my room.." She headed up the stairs crying every step of the way. 
"I told you she wouldn't want to move." Her mom said. 
"I know, but we have to. It will get us more money for her for college and my company will benefit a lot from it." 
"I know. But it's not fair to her. It's her senior year, dear." 
"I know. That's why it was so hard tell her about it. I don't wanna go so soon. I tried to make it wait till summer, but my CEO would not let me wait."
"Well we should let her be alone. She needs it. Give her time to calm down and I'll go talk to her."

* 2 hours later *

"Renee? Can I talk to you sweetie?"
"Go away. I don't wanna hear it." 
"Just hear me out and then I'll listen to you."
"Fine." She pouted. 
"I've been thinking. I know you don't want to move and your father wanted to wait but he couldn't because of his CEOs. He wanted to wait till the summer. But there may be a way to have you stay. Maybe we can talk to Nevaeh. Or Niall. See if you can stay temporarily since its only 6 months. How does that sound to you?"
"Well I don't think dad would agree with me staying with Niall. I mean if his mom said yeah and there was a spare room. But if not I'm sure Nevaeh and her mom would let me."
"We'll talk more about it in the morning. Get some sleep. It's Saturday tomorrow so you can sleep in and I'll talk to your father."
"Thanks mom. I love you."
"I love you too sweetie. I'll see you in the morning. Good night."
"Good night." She said as she laid her head on her pillow and fell into a deep sleep. 

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