Be Mine Tonight

Senior year comes around for Renee. What happens when she meets the new Irish exchange student?


8. I Have An Idea

Renee couldn't help but cry as she packed some of her stuff. She couldn't take a lot of it with her so she had to chose stuff to take and stuff to give away. "I want all of it. I want to stay." She kept repeating to herself. 
"I can't believe this." Renee said to herself. As soon as she started packing, Nevaeh texted her. 

"Hey girl. What's up?"

"Oh you know.. Packing.."

"What? Why?"

"I asked Niall's mom if I could stay and she said no.. She doesn't trust him having me living in the same house considering we're together."

"That's a bummer.. I wish you could stay.."

"Trust me I do too... I have to get rid of some stuff. Is there anything you want? You can come over sometime and pick what you want.."

"Idk if I could do that.. It would be too hard.. Hey I gotta go. It's dinner time. I'll text ya later."

Renee began crying again as reality slowly began sinking in that nothing could possibly change the situation. She put on some music and tried to forget about her awful day. 

•at Niall's house•

Niall put down his phone after texting Renee. He almost chucked at the wall when he heard his parents were home. 
"Niall! Guess who's here!" His mom shouted. 
"Who is it mom?" 
"Come down here and see!"
"Greg! Bro! How's it going?" 
"Good. Just stopping by for the weekend for some family time. I missed you man."
"I missed you too."
Greg had been over in Ireland still. He didn't move over to the States with his family due to his job and his new girl. The family really liked her so they didn't mind. "Well as much as I missed you and all I'm gonna head up to my room if anyone needs me." Niall said kinda sad. Greg looked confused as he watched his brother walk away dragging himself up the stairs. "I'm gonna go talk to him." Greg said. 
"I can't believe this is happening." Niall said to himself.
"What's wrong little brother?" Greg asked. 
"Renee.. She's this girl I met at school-"
"Oh yeah I remember you telling me about her. Mom and Dad really like her. They said she has really changed your life in the 3 weeks you've known her." Greg interrupted. 
"Yeah. Well. She has to move to England.. We just got together only 2 weeks ago and now I'm losing her. Her friend's mom won't let her stay. So she asked Mom if she could stay here and she said no.. So in 2 weeks she'll be gone.." 
"I'm sorry bro. We can figure something out. I'll help you. We can get her to stay."
"You really think so?"
"Yes. I have an idea."

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