Be Mine Tonight

Senior year comes around for Renee. What happens when she meets the new Irish exchange student?


10. How Did I Get So Lucky?

"Babe, I can't sleep.." Renee said walking into Niall's room.

"Come here." he patted the bed beside him. "Why can't you sleep? You okay?"

"I don't know. I guess because it's a new place, I'm just not used to it yet."

"Here. You can sleep with me tonight."

"Thanks babe." Renee said as she cuddled up next to him. He is so perfect. I am so glad Greg found this place for us, Renee thought to herself as she fell asleep on his chest to the sound of his heartbeat.

** the next morning **

"Mmmm good morning" Niall said stretching with such a lazy morning voice.

"Good Morning" Renee said kissing him. "Want some breakfast?"

"Is that even a question? It's more like what do you want for breakfast because some bacon sounds really good right now." Niall chuckled kissing her forehead.

Renee attempted to climb out of bed when she realized his arms were still wrapped around her. "Babe, if you want breakfast, you gotta let go."

"Noooo. Stay. I'm too comfy for you to leave." he whined.

"Alright. I guess you don't want me to make you food." she teased.

"Oh, no. I want food. I just don't want to let go."

"Then come with me." she said removing his hands from her waist so she could get up.

They walked into the kitchen and there was a gift in the freezer with a note on it. It was a package of fresh bacon. The note was from Greg:

"Hey guys. I hope you guys are enjoying the new place. I figure this won't last long because Niall will want to eat it right away. I love how I know his appetite so well. Anyway, I left a gift for each of you in the living room. I hope you like it. -Greg"

They looked at each other and headed toward the living room to see a package sitting on the center table.

"I wonder what that could be." Niall said confused. They opened up the box to find a lovely his-and-her jewelry set for the two of them. Another note was attached:

"I guess you found my gift. I know you two haven't been together long, but this worked for me. These are his-and-her necklaces. I know Niall doesn't mind wearing necklaces and what girl doesn't love bling. Haha. But you both wear these everyday. Wear them with pride. It acts as a symbol of the love between you two. They connect together to form one large clover aka your other half. And these also bring good luck to the couple wearing them (not that you need it with Niall being Irish haha). Enjoy you love birds. -Greg"

"Well aren't these just so beautiful." Renee said in awe at the lovely pendant. The pendants together formed a beautiful green four-leaf clover. One side had "I'm his" written on it and "I'm hers" on the other. They both put them on. Niall called Greg to thank him for the lovely gift while Renee finished making breakfast.

"Greg said he's glad you like it and you're welcome for the bacon." he laughed as they sat down at the table to eat before they had to head off to school.

"This feels weird to me." Renee said.

"What do you mean?"

"I feel like one of those married couples in a movie or tv show. But instead we actually have to go to school when all they do is either go to work or stay home and have sex." She laughed.

"Well we have to go to school and I don't expect us to have sex anytime soon considering we just got together. I hate when guys do that." Niall giggled.

"Good," Renee smiled, "because I promised my mom I would wait till I was married. She bought me a purity ring a few years ago, but it fell down a drain."

"Awe. That's so sad. Well I'm glad that's how you feel because I agree with you. There's more to a relationship than that." He smiled. "Oh wow. We should hurry or we'll be late for school." They both finished eating and headed to their rooms to get dressed. I can't believe how much more we have in common. He is such a perfect person. I'm so glad I found him. How did I get so lucky? Renee thought the whole time she was getting ready.

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