Be Mine Tonight

Senior year comes around for Renee. What happens when she meets the new Irish exchange student?


2. Couldn't Be Happier

The bell rings at the end of the day and all Renee can think about is Niall. The way he looked at her, the way he spoke to her made her all happy inside. "What is this?" She asked herself, "Do I like him?" These questions repeated over and over in her head until she got to her locker where Niall stood waiting for her. She could feel the butterflies in her stomach start to build more and more as she became closer to him. 
"Hello beautiful." He said to her in his cute accent.
"Hi" Renee blushed. 
"How was your day?"
"It was good. Yours?"
"Better now that I see you." He smiled.  "I know we haven't known each other long, but I wanna get to know you more." 
"I'd like that." Renee responded cheerfully. 
He smiled from ear to ear. "Wow," she thought to herself, "what a beautiful smile. He is so freaking perfect in every way. His smile, his eyes, his cute dimples, his hair, God his face in general! Just everything about him is so... Perfect." She smiled at that thought. "We'll I guess I will see you tomorrow?" He asked generously. "You sure will." Renee replied. She drove the shop way home with a smile on her face. "Mom! I'm home!" Renee shouted as se walked in the door. She headed straight for her room and collapsed on her bed. She laid her phone on her bed when it lit up. It was Niall. She hurried to grab her phone to read what he sent her. 
"Hello beautiful. I couldn't wait to text you. I love talking to you. I feel so alive. I can't wait to see your pretty face tomorrow morning. ☺😘." 
She squealed like a little girl getting candy. 
"Renee, are you okay up there?" Her mom shouted. 
"Yeah. I'm fine." She shouted back. 
"Okay. Just making sure. I heard you squealing and thought something was up." 
"Sorry mom." 
She texted him back, finished her homework and headed downstairs for dinner. 
"So how was your first day of school?" Her dad asked. 
"It was good."
"Make any new friends?"
"Yeah." She blushed trying to hide it. 
"Oh? So who's the new boy?" He laughed. 
"What? What do you mean?" She asked nervously. 
"Renee, your blushing. So who's the new boy?" He laughed. 
"Well there's this new exchange student from Ireland. He's so awesome. He walked me to class this morning and he thinks I'm beautiful and I think he likes me." She ranted in excitement. 
"Well he seems like a nice kid. Why don't you invite him over sometime?" 
"Yeah. I mean how often are you gonna meet and Irish exchange student that may like you? I've always wanted to meet an Irish person so here's my chance. And plus if you two happen to get together I'll at least already know him." 
"Okay dad. Thanks! How about tomorrow?"
"Sure why not."
She rushed to her room after dinner and texted Niall. She couldn't be happier right now. The boy she likes may be coming over to her house. She has never been so excited for something in her whole life until now. 

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