Be Mine Tonight

Senior year comes around for Renee. What happens when she meets the new Irish exchange student?


7. Could This Get Any Worse?

"Niall, I'm home!" Niall's mom shouted from the front door. 
"Hey mom! Can you come in here please? We have a question for you." Niall said. 
"We? Oh hi Renee. What is it guys?" She questioned.
Renee looked at Niall hoping he would speak up first. 
"Well Renee has a problem. Her dad has to move the family to London for his job. They move in three weeks. But she doesn't want to go considering its her senior year."
"So...?" She trailed off. 
"Well I talked to my friend, Nevaeh and asked her if I could stay, but her mom said no. I was wondering if I could possibly stay here. Only if you're okay with it. My mom said it would be okay since Nevaeh's mom said no. She trusts me."
"Well let me talk to your father about it, Niall. Renee I'm so sorry that your family has to move. I'll have Niall text you later about it. "
"That's fine with me. I have to head home. Thanks again Mrs. Horan. Bye Niall. I'll see you in the morning."
"I'll walk you out."

*Renee's house*

"Mom!" Renee shouted walking in the door. 
"In the living room, honey!" She replied. 
"Well Nevaeh's mom said no unfortunately."
"I'm so sorry honey."
"Well u just talked to Niall's mom. I went over to house when Nevaeh texted me. She said she has to talk it over with Niall's dad. He's gonna text me later and let me know what she says." 
"Oh. Well let's hope for the best. Your dad is completely okay with it because he understands where you're coming from. "
"And it would be a shame if you had to leave your friends during your senior year." Her dad said walking into the room. 
"Thanks dad." She said hugging him. 
Renee headed up to her room to do some homework. The only thing running in her mind was Niall. If she could stay. What are his parents saying? "Can I stay? I really hope I can. I don't want to leave." She thought to herself. Her phone buzzed with a text from Niall. 

"Hey babe. I just talked to mom and dad. They aren't sure if you can stay. They don't wanna take the chance of anything happening. It's not that they don't trust you, they just don't want the risk. I'm so sorry babe. :/ I wish you could stay...."

"Dammit.." Renee murmured. 

"Ugh. It's fine babe. At least we tried. I just don't want to leave. Why does this have to happen? I don't want to go. What do they think is gonna happen?"

"Well they know me. They think one minute alone and something will happen. I even promised them that it wouldn't. I'm trying to change and they don't believe me."

"I'm sorry babe. Well I'll let mom know. I guess I'll start going through my stuff. You want anything..?"

"..... I only want you..."

That message made Renee cry. She wanted nothing more than to stay here with her friends. 

"I know.. I don't want to go.."

"There has to be something we can do."

"Well convincing your mom didn't work out too well. That was my only backup plan.. I don't know what else to do.."

"We'll figure something out together. I have to go. I'll talk to you in the morning."

"What else could go wrong in my life..?" She thought to herself while packing. "Could this get any worse?"

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