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Megan and her best friends Maddy and Sydney move into a house together. A few weeks later One Direction buys their holiday house next door. Will Megan fall for Liam and will Liam fall for her or her friends. But what about ther other boys? Will they fall head over heels for the girls, too?************* this is like my 1.5 fan fiction (I'm not going to finish my other one unless any one wants a update!!) NO HATE PLZ!!! ;)


1. Moving

                  MEGANS POV

                 "C'mon Megan, get in the car!" "OK MADDY!" i yelled from the kitchen. Me Maddy and Sydney were moving today! I'm so happy to leave the house. I got my things and put on my shades. I ran out side and got in the car. " 50 years later Megan joined us to move a few blocks away!!!" "hahahahaha nice." Sydney was laughing her head off as usual. " Well gosh I was saying bye to my parents... well they were saying bye to me really." (what i said was a lie i was going to miss my house but one lie won't hurt...)" Yeah sure well lets go." " Um Maddy u r the one thats driving." I started to laugh with Sydney " Oh... um...right" she pulled out and we were on our way, 20 minutes from my house, super far move! :)


                   MADDYS POV

                   I was driving and then i heard Megan scream " TURN ON THE MUSIC!" so i turned on the music and to my suprise One Direction was one! We started to almost scream/sing the lyrics. About half an hour later we arrived to our destination. We got out and ran inside. "Well girls we will have to pull an UP ALL NIGHTER!!!!" sydney screamed " LISTENING TO ONE DIRECTION!!!!!' we all jumped up and down

                    * 10 minutes later *

                   I finished packing and jumped on the couch. A little later Megan and Sydney joined me. "So what cha' wanna do?" they both looked at me then at each other then smiled back at me, "TRUTH OR DARE!!!" they both screamed at the same time. I ran and got a bottleof water. "Girls bad news." i smiled and they both gave me confused looks "We don't have an empty bottle so some one has to drink all of this water." I smiled and stuck out the water bottle in the middle.


                  SYDNEYS POV

                  I fearfully stood up "Well can i drink some then u then Megan?" i pulled a fake grin. To be honest i didnt think i could handle that much water. "Fine" she gave me the bottle and i drank some and handed it over. When the water bottle was empty we sat down at the table.


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