No Idea

Megan and her best friends Maddy and Sydney move into a house together. A few weeks later One Direction buys their holiday house next door. Will Megan fall for Liam and will Liam fall for her or her friends. But what about ther other boys? Will they fall head over heels for the girls, too?************* this is like my 1.5 fan fiction (I'm not going to finish my other one unless any one wants a update!!) NO HATE PLZ!!! ;)


4. Meeting the Neighbors

                MADDYS POV

                I woke up at 7am and decided to take a walk. I put up my hair and slipped on some clothes. I brushed my teeth then ran down stairs. I grabbed a granola bar and walked out side... "AHHHHHHHHHHH ONE DIRECTION!" "DO YOU LIKE YOUR NEW FLAT?" "WHY'D YOU MOVE?" "WE LOVE YOU!" "IS THIS A BETTER HOME?" girls were screaming and surrounding the house next door. I walked over and chacked it out. To my suprise One Direction was standing there sighning autographs so I got in 'line'. Niall then came over first " Hi." he said blushing? "Hi can I have a picture?" "sure." He took the picture and started to leave when i asked, "Do you live here now?" he just nodded and smiled "I'm your neighbor then, Niall."

                 NIALLS POV

                 WOW was all i could think. We could invite her over to our flat... "NIALL HELLO?!" i must've been staring cuz she was screaming in my face. "Oh whats your name?" she smiled " friends live with me...Megan and Sydney." "Um would you like to come over tonight at around 4pm and have" she stood there thinking and it was a little i'll say cute. "Um...can Megan and Sydney come they'd LOVE to meet you guys.... the rest will be there too right?" I smiled "course....unless they want to miss out on all they fun we'll have!!!" I emediatley regrated what i said "NOT LIKE THAT......." a smiled formed her face as we had a quick 'good-bye' and she left................couldn't wait for tonight.


                         *********************SORRY SHORT CHAPTER NEXT CHAPTER WILL BE LONGER :) ****************************

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