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Megan and her best friends Maddy and Sydney move into a house together. A few weeks later One Direction buys their holiday house next door. Will Megan fall for Liam and will Liam fall for her or her friends. But what about ther other boys? Will they fall head over heels for the girls, too?************* this is like my 1.5 fan fiction (I'm not going to finish my other one unless any one wants a update!!) NO HATE PLZ!!! ;)


8. ITS PARTY TIME! (again)

                       MADDYS POV

                       I noticed Megan was a little out of ordinary she was...sad? I don't know why but it was the least of my worries for now. I was going to invite the boys over for another 'party' if you want to call it. I was glad we exchanged numbers so I don't have to walk over to talk or ask or anything like that. I had a lot of fun last night with Nialler but he seemed so...different. I mean not that I've known him forever he seemed almost shy. But maybe he was nervous about something us fans didn't know...yet. Well I hope he is ok tonight and Megan. I feel like me and him are the best of friends. Not as close as him and the boys but I feel like we've known each other for well lets say ever. I'm a directioner so of course I already love him but...this is different than a fans feelings it so.....real. When I was done texting the boys I told the girls. "Boys are comin' over in 10. OK?!" "GREAT!! I'm mean whoo!?" Sydney was definately siked but Megan wasn't. Infact she ran to her room in tears. I followed after her. "Whats up kid?" "NOTHING!!!" "You can tell me anything Meagn...promise." "I just don't want to go OK!!" "Fine if you don't go to the party tell me after K." "FINE JUST LEAVE!!!" something was definately wrong...

                        ZAYNS POV

                        When I got Maddy's text I got up and ready. I Put on my best Tee with my varsity jacket and a pair of skinny jeans. I slid on some shoe and did my hair for the remaning time.When I was done I ran down stairs to find the boys doing the same. But Liam sat on the sofa.Still. "Whats up mate?" "Nothing I just don't feel good." "Oh are you going?" "Probably not.... " "You come over when you change your mind OK?" "OK" We left Liam sitting on the sofa watching the telly. He looked fine just...hurt. When we got to their flat I knocked on the door. "HEY....VAS HAPPENING?!?" Maddy was standing there smiling at her comment "HEY thats my thing!" I whinned "OH sorry?!" she laughed and let us in. She was beautiful but when I saw Megan OH she was a 5 on a scale 1-10 because Meagn was breath taking in the dress she had on. And I mean it wasn't the dress itwas just her.......... "ITS PARTY TIME...AGAIN!!!" Niall shouted. Niall was so shy and blushy lately ever since he meet Maddy...

                         LIAMS POV

                         I had to go see Megan and claim her as mine. I needed her...she was right 'it was just a kiss Liam' . Why do I worry... I know why but I-I. 'LIAM JUST GO TO HER!!' I screamed in my mind. I got up and out of bed and ran out the door to her house. "KNOCK KNOCK" i heard giggles "WHOS THERE?" "LIAM!!!" LIAM WHO?!" i heard more laughs " LIAM NOT IN THE MOOD SO LET ME IN!!!" "OK GOSH!!" I heard Lou the most. Maddy opened the door "Some ones not in the happy lane toda-" "Wheres Megan?!" "Shes not here well she is but she-" "WHERE IS SHE TELL ME PLEASE!!!" "In her room but she is-" I didnt listen to the rest and I ran upstairs. "MEGAN?!" I heard soft sobs and opened the door "Oh Megan I'm so sorry I-" "GO HOME IM NOT IN THE MOOD." "BUT MEGAN IM SORRY!" "LIAM JUST...just go just like every other guy. You don't have to love all makes sense. You kiss me than say it was a big deal that you didn't want to do it...cause you don' I love you so go.........please." she was crying again. "Megan thats not why I did that all because I-I thought you'd hate me and we would start off well...wrong. I wanted you from the first time I laid my eyes on you even if we just meet....I'm so sorry. Half the things I do I regrate...but no one knows." she looked up with red puffy eyes "You are so you know that Megan?" she looked down and shook her head "No body but Maddy and Sydney have said something that nice...and ment it before." she looked back up "I really truly love you Megan...and I'm sorry..." she looked down then pulled me in with a soft kiss on the lips."I do too Liam...more than a fans love its so...different than a fans love. I mean I am one...and its so different." "Good." I pulled her in again and kissed her check.We went down stairs and hung out with the 'gang' and played truth or dare danced and just talked among our selves.Around 11 we said our goodbyes and left.I gave Megan a quick peck on the cheek(when no one was looking)and left.I laid in bed thinking of this night.It was a great party...............It was definately a GREAT party, thanks to Megan.

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