No Idea

Megan and her best friends Maddy and Sydney move into a house together. A few weeks later One Direction buys their holiday house next door. Will Megan fall for Liam and will Liam fall for her or her friends. But what about ther other boys? Will they fall head over heels for the girls, too?************* this is like my 1.5 fan fiction (I'm not going to finish my other one unless any one wants a update!!) NO HATE PLZ!!! ;)


3. Holiday House

                      HARRYS POV

                      "GET UP HARRY! WE ARE LEAVING!' I growled as i got up and dressed.I slipped on some jeans and a jumper. I brushed my teeth and ran down the stairs. "Mornin' lad!' Niall yelled from his pancakes. "hey..." "Whats wrong lad?" Liam asked "Tired thats all...i'm ok." i smiled weakly and grabbed some pancakes."Who made these?" "Oh I did.... do you like them?" Zayn said cockily. " good?" they really were nasty. They had no flavor but I guess Niall loved um'... or he was hungry. I finished my pancakes and got my suit case."The moving lads will be here in a bit. They said to leave a key and we could go...we need one body guard to stay to make sure they don't steal stuff." Liam said "Well lets get this partay started and leave...NOW!" Lou almost screamed as he ran to the door like 5 year old.

                      *10 minutes later*

                        We were 40 minutes away from the new flat so to waste time i took a kip(nap) and had the strangest dream:

                "Harry I love you..... and I need you!" she looked at me with a pouty childs face "No, I am done with this shit that I go through with you....we are done!" she burst out in tears and ran from me. I saw a man come to her then take her away... not knowing if she knew him or not. "To hell with this world and to hell with that girl!" I screamed and walked away from this scene.

                          I woke up having no clue of what happened... the one night stand fever was comin' again. Then we turned a corner and BAM we were there at the new flat. "You lads like it?" Liam asked hopefully "Ummm..... a few flaws...but its.... I don't like Liam, I'm sorry,BUT I....LOVE IT!!!" Lou screamed laughing his bum off and givin' his sass-master face.

                    LIAMS POV

                    Oh that was close I thought I made a bad choice... i mean i picked it out myself. I laughed and shook it off as I got out of the car. "Thanks Liam! I think it was a great choice." Niall said as he walked by...into the kitchen. "Thanks mate." I went upstairs and started unpacking. The flat was huge! It had 6 bedrooms, 4 bath, living,dining and the kitchen. The basement would be changed to a gaming/recording room. I really enjoyed the flat and was glad the boys did too.

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