No Idea

Megan and her best friends Maddy and Sydney move into a house together. A few weeks later One Direction buys their holiday house next door. Will Megan fall for Liam and will Liam fall for her or her friends. But what about ther other boys? Will they fall head over heels for the girls, too?************* this is like my 1.5 fan fiction (I'm not going to finish my other one unless any one wants a update!!) NO HATE PLZ!!! ;)


12. Gone

                  NIALLS POV

                  When I saw the expresion on Maddy's face, I knew she didn't want to be there. ( I mean I saw them make out for 3 seconds) I mouthed I'd come and I burst into tears...what if I don't come? Will I ever see her again? Why did I leave her alone? Thats when I remebered Zayn was with her at the bar...and he went to the bathroom. So it was...-now comfirmd as- my fault! UGH I was so beaten and broken down... "Its OK we'll find her!" Liam said enthusiasticly and sad "I can't believe this just happend to me," I burst into tears as the boys carried me too the car "you weigh a ton,Niall!" Sydney said "Your not even carrying him!" Harry moaned "I know...I can just tell!" Sydney said trying to lighten up the mood. While the other boys (and girls) laughed I sat and stared at the sky. The next thing I knew I was in the car buckled up "Ok lets go find her...NOW!!" I whinned and yelled but they all protested (****** NO Jimmy protested! Lou :)******) "No Niall I really truly want to find her too but I'm exausted!"  Megan whispered "Yeah it can wait for a-" "NO I NEED HER HERE AND SAFE WITH ME!!!" I cut Liam off and screamed "If YOU were missing we'd find you the night you dissapeared but you leave Maddy to wait?!?" I closed my eyes holding back all of my anger "I NEED her and I-I NEED to find her I..... I LOVE HER!!! Can't any of you see?" I whispered the last part because I couldn't take it any longer "OK mate....the boys will help find her and the girls can rest....the can meet up with us tomorrow at Starbucks OK?" I nodded "OK...." Liam dropped off the girls at our place and told um' not to leave our place then he drove around town looking for the lisence plate number (I was smart to look at it before they turned the corner) and anything else that might lead us to her. We finally stoped to rest at a near by motel and the boys fell asleep with ease. But I laid there. With my eyes wide open. Thinking about Maddy. The whole night. I mean she was...gone.

                    MADDYS POV

                    I woke up in a room I didn't reconize.The last thing I remember was getting into a car with some strange guy and something hard hitting me in the back of my head. I got up and took a cold shower. Then it all came back to me. The club,Matt,getting in the car,seeing everyone run out after me,seeing Nialls facial expression. NIALL was he OK? Does he remember? Is he looking for me? I had so many questions running through my head I didn't hear the bathroom door open or even realize the curtain was pulled open too. "Mornin' sexy...miss me?" I turned to face Matt and see he was smiling. I covered as much of myself as I could. "NO YOU FUCKING JACK ASS!!" I screamed "I HATE YOU BITCH!" his smile just grew and he started to take off his shirt "You know I like um' hard to get." Then he started to take off his pants and boxers and I turned. "C'mon...I know you wanna turn and look, You can!" He stapped in the shower and turned me aroud so I was facing him. "Like what you see?" He laughed...this is why I left him. The laugh?No. The fact he forced me to loose my virginity to him. It was hell in a bed. He pushed my head down to look at his penis then he yelled "DO IT MADDY I KNOW YOU WANNA!" I tried to pull away and started to scream as he pulled me closer "NO PLEASE STOP IM GONNA KILL YOU STOP I'LL DO ANYTHING BUT LOOK AT IT!!!" he let go and I relized I said look at it.WHY MADDY THINK THINK!! "Then...suck it...hard!" he grinned "NO MATT PLEASE ANYTHING THAT DOESN'T DO WITH YOU PENIS...PLEASE!!" his smile faded and he turned and got out of the shower. He grabbed a towel and dried off. "Then meet me in bed babe." He left me in the shower....alone...with a window...wide open. Matthew thinks he's so smart and hot and well Matthew thinks he's perfect...but he's so dumb and ugly and well NOT perfect its almost hestarical. I got out off the shower and locked the door to the bathroom (inside the bathroom lock!) and stood there smiling for once after he took me. Then I realized he took my clothes.

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