It's only us.

Eva was just a normal 18 year old girl, she never knew something like this would start after falling over after a party...


12. why not?




So, after all that happened between me, Eva and Jack, I feel so much better. We are on our first leg of the tour and I have to say I am very excited. This is the first time that Eva has spent time with the lads, she's met them before and we've 'hung out' but not like this. They all really like her, I mean who wouldn't? She's beautiful, kind, funny, sarcastic, talented and cute. God I Love her, and really I should tell her that more often. It was about 2 in the afternoon when we finally reached our destination. The third concert of our tour. When Louis bounded up to me:

"HARRY!!!!" Louis screamed excitedly. "Alright Louis, calm down mate, someone's gonna get hurt if you keep jumping about like that!" I joked back. 

"So Harry, how are things with you and Eva?" Louis asked. I knew what his intentions were, to get me to tell, well that is something I was not prepared to do, I mean they are all practically my brothers, but I didn't want them to embarrass Eva and I, especially while we all had to live together for the next 10 months. 

"We're great thanks Louis." I wasn't going to give much away, it just felt as if I was being interrogated.

"Oh, so have you and Eva had sex?" Louis asked bluntly, Good old Louis, always straight to the point, that boy never beats around the bush.

"I, my good friend, am not going to discuss mine and my girlfriend's sex life thank you very much." I said, and walked over to where Eva was sat. 



As Harry approached me I tore my eyes away from the book that I was just settling into.

"Hey Babe." Harry said in his beautiful low voice, his eyes locked with mine, his emerald stare piercing my soul, he is the most beautiful guy I have ever seen. The way his hair always looks windswept, but he can pull it off, his tattoos, that just made me go weak at the knees, and not to mention his dimples. I love that boy, and I should really tell him that more often,

"Hey," I replied, after thinking about the god that is my boyfriend that stands before me.

"What are you reading?" Harry asked, sitting and scooting closer to me. I loved it when he wanted to cuddle, and I could always tell, even if it did tear me away from my very fascinating book, nothing compared with Harry's cuddles.

"I'm reading a book." I said sarcastically to Harry as he cuddled up to me, he looked up and gave me his cheekiest smile and just replied;

"Oh, ok." I sat and laughed, then put my book down and traced Harry's lips with my finger, everything about him was just so perfect, even if he didn't think so. I traced all the way along his bottom lip, to his right dimple and back across his top lip to his left dimple. 

"We should name these." I declared, a smile beaming from my face.

"Miss Jackson, may I ask what you are smiling at?" Harry asked, humor dancing in his eyes.

"I, Mr Styles, am smiling at this vision of perfection that I am cuddling right now, Harry, I've never known someone so, so beautiful, inside and out." I declared planting a soft kiss on his forehead. 

Harry just smiled and returned his head on top of my breast, and started humming something, so I picked up my book and carried on reading.

"Hey! Eva, we have to go check in our hotel rooms now." An Irish voice startled me from my book, it was Niall. 

"Oh yeah, thanks Niall, We'll be right there." I declared, with a smile, Niall nodded, winked and then walked off.



"Harry, come on, we're off to go check into out rooms." Eva told me, I just let out a grunt, I didn't want to move, but she shoved me off of her. 

"Oh, I was so comfy there Eva!" I whined. 

"Well, you can be comfier on a Hotel bed babe, come on." Eva stood in front of me and help out her hand. So I took it.

As we stepped out of the bus, there were roars of screaming fans, all wanting s bit of each of us. Tonight, we had a meet and greet, which would keep us up longer, but I had to do, what I had to do for the fans, because at the end of the day, if it weren't for them I wouldn't be here, and I probably wouldn't have this beauty by my side. Both Eva and I stood and had some pictures, and I went off and signed a few things while Liam took Eva inside the Hotel lobby. 

As soon as I got to Eva, she had a massive grin on her face.

"What?" I asked, grinning back.

"It's just so nice to see you with some of your fans, that's all, I love to see their reactions." Eva answered. Her beautiful white smile never fading. 

"Well, I enjoy meeting my fans, and you better be up for snot and tears tonight, because when we do the meet and greet tonight, it's going to be messy." I declared back, Eva leaned in and laughed resting her head on my shoulder. 

I saw all the lads faces light up, and I knew what they were all thinking. 

We got the key to out Hotel rooms, Eva and I were sharing, just like we did for the past couple of nights, it's been really nice having someone there to wake up to in a morning and someone to come back with at night. 

"So Eva, I've got four hours before I have to be at the venue, what do you think?" I asked Eva as we stood in our hotel room, I winked and tilted my head over to the bed.



I knew what Harry wanted, and I wanted it too, but I don't know, I wanted to know what the other boys were doing, but just then like he does, Harry answered my question, it;s like he can read my mind! "The other boys are sleeping until we have to be there. So I thought what the heck why not? 


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