It's only us.

Eva was just a normal 18 year old girl, she never knew something like this would start after falling over after a party...


10. Trouble



I held my breathe waiting for the answer. "mmm" was all that came from Eva's mouth, so I gave her my best puppy dog eyes look, "Awh! OK Harry, you win this time." YES!!!! I was so excited that I would get to sing with my, as it seems, very musical girlfriend. I picked up the guitar case and gave it to Eva. She leant forward, and her face showed she was in a little pain. I just smiled to myself, I know I shouldn't but, I just had to.

I sat and watched Eva as she tuned her guitar up, she looked slightly nervous. She finished tuning and looked at me. "Babe, it'll be fine, I have to sing to thousands of people a night, you're singing with me, not to me. so just don't worry about it. It's only us." I told her. She seemed to relax a little. "So, what do you want to sing?" Eva asked. She didn't sound totally enthusiastic about it. 



"Whatever." Harry answered. Oh god, we're gonna be sat here all day if he's in one of these moods. "Harry choose now, or the guitar goes away, and this duet doesn't happen. "Ok! Erm... How about Torn?" Harry asked, one eye squinted. I knew how to play this song, it was one of my favourites growing up and One Direction sang it at the judges houses. So this was going to be easier than I thought. I began strumming and could see Harry's face light up. Oh god, he's gonna want me to do this when we're on tour. "I thought I saw a man brought to life..." I began. Harry joined in every other verse and on the chorus. It sounded quite good I thought. Well he did at least. 

"Babe, that was just amazing!" Harry declared. I blushed and let out a little giggle. "That was the first time I've ever sang and played in front of a guy, besides my dad." I told him the truth. "Well, you sounded amazing. I can't wait for.." Harry began that second part, but then stopped himself from saying anymore. I knew what he was referring to. "The boys to hear it." I finished. Harry looked up at me and nodded. "Yeah, me too." I announced. Harry's faced showed shock and admiration in his eyes. I had shocked myself at what I had said. "So the guitar's going with you?" Harry asked, quietly. "If there's room for mine AND Niall's guitars, then yes." I said with a cheshire cat grin on my face. 



I was so shocked. I couldn't believe it. As I was thinking about what we could do whilst on tour, Eva began playing something else.  It was so beautiful and brought me from out of my daydream. She was singing only exception by Paramore. Every now and again throughout the song, she looked at me, blushed, smiled and then turned back to looking down at the floor. She was that good she didn't even need to look at her guitar. After she had finished singing the song, which I knew she was singing to me. I stood up from where I was sat on the floor, walked over to her took the guitar strap from around her, and put the guitar away. Then I spun around and our green eyes met. I leaned down and whispered in her ear "No, you are the only exception." Which I admit, might sound a little cheesy, but hey. I then kissed her and layed her down on the sofa. Just as things were about to get interesting, there was a knock on the door. Eva groaned, "I'll answer that." She said, trying to get off of the sofa quickly. I saw her tiptoe to look up through the peep hole. They way she had to tip-toe made me smile, I really do love that girl, she might just be one of the little things.



Oh! It was Kim, Andy and Jack that I saw through the peephole. "Harry, it's Kim, Andy and Jack." I had to tell Harry, After Jack had came literally last night, and caused all that hassle. "Let them in Babe, you haven't seen Kim and Andy in a while, and as long as Jack keeps his mouth shut, that's all that matters." Harry said to me with a weak smile. Oh, I hope everything goes ok. I opened the door to open arms, Kim was smiling like a loonatic, I happily jumped and hugged her. "It's so good to see you, you look really well!" Kim announced. I beamed a huge smile at her and turned to Andy, "Eva! Good to see you!" He hugged me, and I stepped inside and invited everyone in. Jack went ahead with Andy whilst Kim and I held back. "Eva, I heard what happened with Jack last night. I'm sorry, he just tagged along." I just laughed lightly "It doesn't matter Kim." I said politely. "Harry, Kim and I are off into the spare bedroom for a catch up, will you be alright?" I shouted over to Harry. He looked up, smiled and nodded. "Yeah, I'll be fine babe, Andy and I are catching up too." Harry shouted back with a wink. I lead Kim to the spare bedroom. "You've got something to tell me haven't you!?" Kim asked, with a raised eyebrow. " Well..." I muttered and blushed. "So, last night?" Kim asked, I presume, thinking she was right. I looked up at her through my eyelashes. "This morning." I announced quietly. The look of shock was too much to bare, I broke out in laughter. "OHMYGODEVA!" Kim shouted. And I just carried on laughing. 

After about an hour of catching up, Kim and I walked back into the living room to join the lads, only Jack wasn't there. "Where's Jack?" Kim asked Andy. "Oh, he started talking about last night and it wound up Harry." Andy explained. I looked around, there was no Harry either. "Where's Harry?" I asked. "Outside I think, he was pretty angry." Andy announced. "Shit." I spluttered out. Harry seemed pretty upset last night. Oh god. 

I looked at Kim, immediately ran outside the door, no shoes on, and looked both ways Harry wasn't In the apartment building. I ran down all of the stairs and out onto the path, I walked around the whole perimeter of the building, No Harry. Then I remembered where he'd been staying, the Small apartment he rented, just a few blocks away. I ran back into my apartment, grabbed the apartment keys, told Kim and Andy to stay there and ran, barefoot all the way to Harry's apartment and hammered on his door....

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